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28th January 2005

Friday, January 28th, 2005

The Children’s Trust

There will be a public meeting at Hove Town Hall on Monday 7th February from 12 – 2p.m. to discuss the new Children’s Trust Partnership. The partnership is made up of all service providers and organisations in the city working with children under 19 and their families, including Social Care and Health and Education. This is your opportunity to take part in the consultation and to find out about how service provision will change in the near future in Brighton and Hove. To book a place, call 01273 293545.

More Medals for Harlem

Harlem Eubank in Year 6 has taken part in his toughest competition yet, an international match, and has come away with the gold medal in the boys under 12 years, 40k karate competition. This is excellent news Harlem, and you should also be very proud of your bronze team medal. Fantastic!

Football Tournament

On Thursday, Mrs Busby took a team of footballers from Year 6 to a huge 6 a side tournament at Waterhall. They played really well as a team, and came away feeling very proud of themselves, if a little cold!

St Patrick’s trust

I have received a letter of thanks from St Patrick’s, saying that the men and women living at St Patrick’s were genuinely touched by the Christmas cards that the children from this school had made for them, as well as thanking us for the money raised at the Big Bake.

Monsoon Trust

I have received another letter of thanks, this time, from the trustees of the Monsoon Trust thanking everyone for the very generous donations to help support the Mother and Child Clinic at Ranthambhore in India.

School Cleaner Wanted

We have a vacancy for a part time cleaner, with immediate effect. The job is for two afternoons per week, two hours each day, from 3.30 to 5.30 p.m. Mondays and Fridays. If you are interested, please speak to Mrs Brill in the school office.


I have been informed by parents that several children have threadworm. Please remind all children about scrupulous hygiene, washing hands after going to the toilet etc. If your child does have threadworm, this can easily be treated with medication available from your pharmacist.


Whilst most children come to school dressed appropriately for a busy and active day, some of today’s fashions are not particualrly suitable for school wear. As you know, we do not have a uniform, and it is good to see the children express their individuality through what they wear. However, children’s dress needs to be in keeping with being in a primary school at all times. Please do not allow your child to wear any chains, jewellery, wristbands etc., and please ensure that clothes cover shoulders, tummies and bottoms, that they are not over fussy and are appropriate for school wear.

Thank you.

What’s Happening Next Week?

On Tuesday, children in Years 2 and 4 are off to the cinema to see Racing Stripes.

On Thursday, Year 3 children are going on the train to London to visit the Britain at War Experience to support their history topic on World War Two.

On Friday, the school photographer is in to take individual photographs.

21st January 2005

Friday, January 21st, 2005

Maths Workshop for Parents

This workshop was a great success and there has been a request to run another workshop one morning for those parents who couldn’t make it on Wednesday evening. We will let you know if this will be possible. Many thanks to Ann Hadgkiss for running the session. There is a resource booklet that shows parents and carers how we teach certain mathematical operations these days. If you would like us to order you a copy, please let the office staff know; it costs £7.

Post Christmas ‘Clear Out’

If you feel like having a post Christmas clear out then Playtime Club would be really grateful for complete jigsaw puzzles – 50 to 300 pieces suitable for older children.

Swimming Charges

PLEASE NOTE: the entry fee for swimming at Prince Regent Swimming Pool has increased to £1.30. Would parents of Year 5 children that are going swimming please send £1.30 on Wednesday. Thank you.

Annual Parents and Governors Meeting

Seven parents and carers attended the meeting on Wednesday evening. The meeting was very positive; parents were keen to find out more about how governors are elected and were interested in the Beacon Schools Funding and Excellence in Cities. The revival of the Parents Association was noted, and parents were pleased that the children now have fruit only snacks.

School Association

Following the discussion at the Annual meeting, we would like to know if any parents or carers want to be class representatives on a more formally constituted School Association. The suggestion was for two reps per class, who would help organise events, and galvanise support from other parents/carers from each class. It was also felt that we need a committee with a chair, secretary and treasurer. Let us know what you think.


Our congratulations go to Hannah Buttle in Year 3 for passing her Grade 1 piano exam. Well done!

Artefacts for History

Mrs Denyer would like to build up a bank of artefacts for history projects for the Infants. Any donations of household objects from the past – irons, wash boards, food preparation objects or any mysterious objects would be gratefully received.

Trips Out

This morning Year 1 and this afternoon Year 2 went to workshops in the Pavilion Gardens arranged by the RSPB. They had a wonderful time looking through a telescope at all the wild birds that live in the gardens. They also learnt how to make a bird feeder.

Playground Improvements

Next Friday 28th January there will be a meeting at 3.00pm in the library with Nick Ebdon, parent governor, and Mary Noble, Reception class teacher. They would like to explore ideas for developing and improving our playgrounds. If you are interested in helping please come along to this meeting. Any one with ideas, expertise or enthusiasm is very welcome. If you would like to be involved but cannot attend the meeting, please give your name to the office staff for the attention of Nick Ebdon.

School Aid Day

Thank you for all the donations for the “bring and buy” sale and the cakes for the cake stall for this afternoons fund raising event. We will let you know how much money was raised for the Tsunami Appeal next week.

14th January 2005

Friday, January 14th, 2005

Welcome back to you all, I do hope that you had an enjoyable festive break.

We have started this new year and new term with a whole school emphasis on developing positive relationships, as a two-week PSHE focus. This means children will be encouraged to think about themselves, each other and how they can help each other to get on well.

You should all have received a letter from your child’s class teacher outlining how they will be covering the curriculum over the coming term. I do hope that you take time to go through this with your child, and ask for clarification or more detail if you need to.

Annual Governors Report to Parents and Annual Meeting

You are invited to attend the Annual meeting to meet our school governors in person, to discuss the Annual Report and to discuss any general school issues that are of interest or concern to you. This will be next Wednesday 19th January at 7.30 p.m. in the library. Please complete the reply slip to let us know if you wish to attend and note in advance anything that you wish to raise with governors at that meeting. We have had sufficient replies to confirm that this meeting will go ahead as publicised. If you haven’t received a copy of the Annual Report or the invitation to the meeting, please ask at the school office.

What’s Happening at School?

Children in Year 6 have started a course in Brazilian Football with a specialist coach.

Year 3 and Year 4 children will be having hockey coaching from a specialist coach starting next week.

Next Friday, Year 1 and 2 children have been invited to the Pavilion Gardens to take part in some free workshops being run by the RSPB.

Maths Workshop for Parents “This Is How We Do It”

You are invited to this “hands on” workshop to find out about the methods that we use to teach mathematics in primary schools these days. Don’t be nervous, if you found maths baffling in your school days and are even more confused by some of the modern methods, then this is for you.

Ann Hadgkiss, our maths co-ordinator, will run through some of the basic calculation methods used in classes these days. There are some helpful resources published by the Maths consultants at the LEA for you to order if you wish, these might be helpful when you are supporting your child with maths at home. The session is before the Governors and Parents meeting, at 6.30 p.m. on Wednesday 19th January in the library. Please let the office staff know if you want to come along, as places are limited.

Tsunami Fund Raising

Several children have asked if we could have a fundraising event as a school to show our support for the people who have suffered in the Asian disaster. The local council has suggested that schools in Brighton and Hove might want to join a national “School Aid Day” on Friday 21st January.

We would like to run a Bring and Buy Sale and a Cake Stall, both of which are relatively simple to organise, and good fundraisers. Please send in donations of cakes (home made or bought) and good quality items, especially toys and games, to be sold on Friday 21st from 2.30 p.m. in the hall.

I am very pleased to report that Zoe Ward in Year 2 has already held a sale with friends in her street, raising £71.57 for the appeal.