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16th September 2005

Friday, September 16th, 2005

Partnership Books

All children from Year 2 to Year 6 should now have a ‘Partnership Book’. If your child has one I hope you have had time to look through it together. The children seem very pleased with them and are enjoying keeping a record of their homework as well as reading the interesting facts that are contained in the back of the book.

Family Learning Week

Brighton and Hove library service are running lots of activities and events over the course of a week starting on Saturday 8th October. Events you may be interested in are:
• Writing workshop with children’s author Miriam Moss on Saturday 8th October
• Jacqueline Wilson will be giving a talk on Wednesday 12th October. Free tickets can be obtained from the children’s library.
There are many other events during the week, some of which are also linked to Black History Month. Pick up a leaflet for further information from the library.

Year 1 Visit

Year 1 will be visiting the Toy Museum on Tuesday as part of their topic work.

Year 3 Visit

Year 3 are studying the Romans at the moment. They will be visiting Bignor Roman Villa on Tuesday to find out what it was like to live in Roman times.

School Association Meeting

The School Association are holding a meeting on Wednesday 21st September at 9.00. The meeting will take place in school. New members are very welcome so do come along if you would like to join in.

No Nuts Please

We have some children and a member of staff who have a severe and dangerous allergic reaction to nuts. So please remember that children must not bring nuts in any form into school.

Please Close the Gate

Please ensure the main gates to the school are closed after entering or leaving the school grounds. Sometimes the gates appear closed but the magnetic locks have not quite connected. Please check the gate is secure before walking away. The gates are closed at 9.00 am when all children should be in class and registered and opened again at 3.00 pm.

Labour Party Conference

I have recently met with the police and the council’s emergency planning officer to discuss the security measures and procedures in place for the Labour Party Conference taking place from the 24th September. The police have assured me that we will be perfectly safe and secure during the conference week. They tell me that due to the high level of policing and security measures in place that Brighton will actually be a low risk area during the week of the conference and will probably be the safest place to be in the UK during that particular week. The police and the emergency planning officer will liaise with the school on a regular basis and will keep us updated on events and any possible disruptions. They have also given me telephone numbers to ring if we have any queries. The main difficulty you will encounter will be if you travel by car. The seafront road will be heavily congested due to stop and search procedures and there will also be traffic diversions and single lane traffic. The police have suggested you allow a longer travelling time to and from school if you travel by car and that you enter the seafront road via West Street and then into Middle Street. The best travelling options are of course to either walk or cycle if possible. The police have assured me that we will be fine and that we should carry on as normal which is what we plan to do.