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7th October 2005

Friday, October 7th, 2005

200 Years Celebration

We are all getting very excited about the celebrations next week for our 200th anniversary. The school association is asking for as many parent and carers as possible to help with selling refreshments, on the cake stall and to show visitors around the school. If you are able to help please let the office know thank you.


Have arranged a meeting for Monday of next week in the family room at 3 p.m. All parents / carers welcome.

Family Learning week

The Jubilee Library is holding a family learning week starting this Saturday 8th October it will include writing workshops for children, cartoon workshops and lots of other wonderful events including a talk by the children’s author Jaqueline Wilson which takes place on Wednesday 12th October at 6pm. Free tickets can be obtained from the library.

Borders Bookshop

On Monday 19th September the author of the Wind on Fire trilogy William Nicholson will be reading in the store from 6.30pm. Tickets available from Borders on request.

Playground equipment

As most of you will be aware we have purchased some lovely new tabletop games for the playground the children really enjoy them and we are asking for your help to keep them in good condition. At the end of the day when you collect your children from the playground can you please make sure that they do not climb over the tables and please do not let them onto the roof of the shed. The children are not allowed to behave like this at school and we hope you will support us by following this rule at the end of the day.

Contact Information

If you change your mobile or home number please let the office know, as this may be the he only way of contacting you if your child is ill.

The Karate Kid

Well done to Aran McDonald in year 3, who has gained his yellow belt with a 1st pass.

Middle Street Football Team

Ms Busby and Miss Mepham took the football team to Waterhall on Wednesday for a practice session on the astro turf pitch. A good time was had by all. The team will be playing their first match on Friday 14th October at at East Brighton Park.


A yellow Tamagotchi disappeared from the playground last Friday after school, it was tied to a book bag belonging to Ben in Y2. Please return it is sadly missed.


Can you please ensure that your children only wear small stud earrings and a watch to school no other jewellery is permitted.

Dinner Money

Can you please pay dinner Money to the office at the beginning of each week thank you.