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6th January 2006

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Welcome to…

Mr Shaun Collins, our new Deputy Head. Mr Collins will also be taking over the role as Special Needs Co-ordinator. As you know Ms Layzell has been our Acting Deputy and Special Needs Co-ordinator over the Autumn term. Ms Layzell has done a fantastic job and ensured that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. I’m sure you would like to join my self and the staff in thanking her for all her hard work. Well done and Thank you, Ms Layzell!
I would also like to welcome Ms Megan Glyn-Wright who is joining the main school for one day a week to cover teachers for their non-contact time. Ms Glyn-Wright currently works in the Nursery for one day a week so many of the children already know her.

Parents Evening

Our next Parent Consultation evenings are to be held on Tuesday 14th March and Thursday 16th March. These meetings will now take place in your child’s classroom (not in the hall as in the past). We feel this offers you more privacy and an opportunity to see the class environment etc. You will also have the opportunity to view your child’s work and the teacher will discuss with you your child’s levels of achievement.
We will still have an open afternoon later in the year as usual.

Book Bags

All children should have a book bag. The book bag should be brought to school every day. Book Bags should contain books that your child is currently reading, some form of reading record (this depends on which Key Stage your child is in), homework, letters and Partnership book. Teachers will be reminding children to bring their book bags to school and into class every day. We would very much appreciate your support with reminding your child to bring the book bag to school and also with taking good care of the Book Bag.

Lost Property

Please come and check through lost property. We have so much of it at the moment. We only hold on to lost property for a short period of time and then we take it to a charity shop. We have to give it away regularly if we didn’t we would have a clothes mountain in the hall!
Ms Layzell and the ‘Bump’ Ms Layzell will be going on maternity leave at the end of this month. Her last day will be Friday 27th January. The baby is due on 22nd. February. We’ll let you know when the baby arrives.

Congratulations to…

Kali Holder in Year 1 for achieving her level 2 ASA swimming award.