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24th February 2006

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Saving Electricity Poster

As part of our Eco-School status we have been running an energy saving competition to design a poster. Details were sent home sometime ago and many children have entered the competition. The poster should remind everyone how to save electricity eg: turn lights off when leaving a room etc. The closing date for competition entries has been extended to Monday 27th February. Entries should be handed into the office on Monday and at the end of the day will be sent off to Brighton and Hove Council who are judging the competition. The winning entry will be professionally printed as a poster and sticker.

Dancing Year 3s

Year 3 will be performing a dance at the Dome again this year as part of the ‘Lets Dance’ event organised through Dorothy Stringer Sports College. Tickets for Year 3 parents are on sale at the office. There may be a few spare tickets on sale at the Dome Box office from 20th March.

School Association

The School Association are holding a meeting on Wednesday 1st March at 3.15pm. The meeting will take place in the Library. All welcome, children can stay and play while the meeting takes place.

A Special Donation

We received a rather interesting package a few days ago containing a school photograph of pupils and staff who attended the school in the early eighties, newspaper clippings covering the period when the school was under threat of closure and a donation of £270. The package was sent by the nephew of the late Ms Vera Fasham who was the Headteacher of Middle Street School for twelve years until 1985. Ms Fasham had a great love of teaching and of the school. Mr Colin Frost, Ms Fasham’s nephew felt that as the school had clearly given her so much pleasure during her life that he and the family nominated the school to be the recipient of any donations given by family and friends after the funeral which took place in September. I will send a Thank you card and message from all of us. We hope to spend the money on a display cabinet in which we can show our bi-centenary artefacts etc.

Brighton Bears Tickets

Brighton Bears tickets are available at the office.

Congratulations to

Ruby Smith and Sophie Walters in Year 3 who have both passed their level 6 Swimming Badge. Well done Ruby and Sophie.

Still Missing

A Year 6 child is still missing his Gameboy. It’s been missing for sometime now and was mentioned in a Friday News a few weeks back. If you do find a black Gameboy please hand it in to the office. Children are advised to hand in valuable items to the office for safe keeping.