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2nd February 2007

Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Preston Manor Visit

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Preston Manor on Monday afternoon. They dressed up and were given tasks to do around the house which they did in the way of bygone days. They had one or two scary moments being disciplined in the old fashioned ‘stand up straight!’ kind of way but it was all good fun.

Teaching Assistant Swap

Ms Karen Sinclaire our Year 3 Teaching Assistant spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week working at Hillside Special school in Portslade. Ms Sinclaire swapped with Ms Jess Deacon a TA from Hillside who wanted some experience of mainstream education. It was an enjoyable and enlightening experience for both TAs. The year 3 children enjoyed meeting and working with Ms Deacon.

Reception and the Old Toys

Mrs Noble and the Reception class enjoyed looking at and talking about toys from the past. Michael Olden from Brighton museum brought the toys from the museum. The children especially liked the Zoetrope and Spinning Top. They also had the opportunity to make and recreate old fashioned toys.

Coffee Morning

The School Association monthly Coffee Morning takes place again on Wednesday 7th February at 9.00am in the Family Room. Come along and meet some new friends.


The photographer was in today taking photographs of individual children and siblings. You will have the opportunity to order photographs shortly.

Attendance and Punctuality

Please find attached information on the school’s attendance and punctuality policy. Hopefully this will help clarify any misunderstandings around attendance and the legal requirements as well as clearly states the school’s procedures.

Please Close the Gate

Please could you remember to check the gate is securely closed when you leave the school premises. Thank you.

Mrs Goodchild and the Bump

You may or may not be aware that Mrs Jess Goodchild is expecting a baby. Mrs Goodchild works as a Teaching Assistant in Year 2 but will be taking maternity leave from next Friday. Mrs Goodchild’s baby is expected in April. We are all very excited and looking forward to meeting the ‘bump’ which is most probably, so Mrs Goodchild tells us a baby girl.

Half Term

We finish for the half term break on Friday 9th February. School begins again on Monday 19th February.