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23rd January 2009

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Middle Street Children to Visit David Beckham Academy

We are very fortunate to have been invited along to The David Beckham Academy in London. The visit is for the day on 29th January. A group of Year 6 children will accompany Ms Busby on the trip. The children will be involved in role play challenges. So before the visit they will have applied for certain positions such as fitness coach, sports journalist, team manager etc. The children and the adults have a busy day ahead of them. The aim of the day is to promote a positive attitude to sport and exercise through activities based around football skills and healthy living. You can check out the David Beckham Academy website on

RSPCA to Visit Nursery and Reception Classes

As part of their Learning Journey on farms and animals Nursery and Reception children will receive a visit from the RSPCA. The children will hear about how to care for animals and also the role of the RSPCA.

Year 5 and Year 6 Evacuate!

Year 5 and Year 6 are evacuating to a church in Lewes as part of their ‘We’ll meet again’ Learning Journey. They will get a feel for what it was like for evacuees during World War 2. The children will travel to Lewes by train and have a packed lunch based on what would have been available during that period due to rationing. When they arrive at their destination they will be met by a small group of people who have experience of being evacuated during the war. So there will be lots of opportunities to listen to their stories and feelings about that difficult time in their lives.

On Time Teds Prizes to be Won!

The winners this week are Reception and Year 5. Well done to both classes for getting into school on time! This term we will be rewarding the Infant and Junior class that are awarded the On Time Teds the most often. Each class will win £25 to spend on a game or toy to play with in Golden Time.

Change of Date

Year 4 had planned an assembly for Friday 30th January but have postponed it. The assembly should now take place on Friday 6th February but this will be confirmed by the class teachers nearer the time.

Samaritans Stressed Down Day

On Friday 6th February we will be raising money for the Samaritans. We will have a ‘Stress Down’ Day and come to school in our pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns. Teddies are optional. It will be a kind of school duvet day but without the duvets. Please pay 50p to take part and warm your jim jams up ready for the day.

Children’s Festival Parade Meeting

We need as much help as possible to prepare for the Children’s Parade in May. If you are able to help and want to get involved please come along to a meeting on Monday 26th January just after 9. The meeting will take place in TFI café (near to Oasis). If you can’t make the meeting but want to help please leave your contact details at the office and someone will get in touch.

Congratulations to…

Ben Spooner in Year 1 who has achieved his purple belt in Soo Bahk Do. Well done Ben!
Ren Scott Bridges and Gabriel Lavelle in Year 4 who have both achieved their yellow belts in Ikedo. Well done Ren and Gabriel!

Half Term Break

School closes on Friday 13th February at 3.00 for the half term break. Children return to school on Monday 23rd February.