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24th April 2009

Friday, April 24th, 2009

On Time Teds Winners and the Winners of the On Time Teds Spring Term Prize

The winners of the On Time Teds this week are Year 2 and Year 6. Well done to both classes for being so punctual. The overall winners for last terms On Time Teds, these are the classes that won the On Time Teds the highest number of times are Year 2 and Year 5. Each class wins £25 to spend on whatever they wish for use in school. Well done to both these classes for currently being the best at getting into school on time every morning.

May Day Morris Dancers

Sadly the Morris dancers won’t be joining us first thing on May 1st as they usually do but will be with us at 10.30ish so if you would like to come along and join in the fun you will be very welcome. You will find us in the main playground just follow the sound of jingling bells and music.

Children’s Parade

We will be dressing as clouds or monkeys (our element is air) Suggestions for clothing are as follows: white and silvery clothes for clouds and red shirts and trousers for monkeys. Look at Middle Street website for inspiration. Parade props workshops take place in school as usual on Monday and then at a parent’s home on Tuesday and Wednesday. If you would like to help at the additional workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday please ask at the office to confirm days and for details of the venue. In school there will be workshops in Reception for children across the school who are coming on the parade. They can also get help from Julie Holton who can help with costume preparation. The parade takes place on Saturday 2nd May. We will be meeting in Gloucester Road at 9.45. Our flag number is 25. Please be aware that we do often have to wait for sometime before the parade gets underway so come prepared with snacks and something to keep you and your child amused while you wait.

School Closure on Thursday 4th June

We are closed on this day as parts of Middle Street are used as a polling station for the Parliamentary elections.

New Parent Governor

I am very pleased to inform you that Angie Atter is to become our new parent governor. Angie replaces Nick Ebdon who has recently retired from the Governing Body. We did not need to hold an election in the end as the final number of applicants went down to one.

Year 5 Soundmakers Performance

Each child in Year 5 is learning a musical instrument as part of the Soundmakers programme. They will perform to Year 5 parents and carers on 2nd July.

Little Mouth Choir

We have several children who would like to go along to the Little Mouth choir at Blatchington Mill School on Mondays after school. Their problem is lack of transport so if there is anyone who could offer transport to Blatchington Mill every Monday please let Mr Brazil know.

Middle Street Choir

Choir starts next Friday after school. Mr Brazil would love more children from Key Stage 2 to come along and join the choir.

Holidays in Term Time

It is very important to your child’s education that you avoid taking your child out of school for holidays during term time. If you wish to take your child out during term time you must have exceptional circumstances for doing so. You should also meet with me to discuss your reasons and I can then inform you if the time out will be authorised or not. The Education Welfare Officer is responsible for monitoring attendance and can fine families for poor attendance and will also investigate unauthorised absences.
Please see attached for further information on the school attendance procedures


Zeke in year 3 has lost his violin. We think it may have been taken home by mistake. It has been gone from the Family room for about 3 weeks. Please check your violin (if you have one) and return it if is not yours. Zeke needs to practise!

Dinner Money Debts

Please keep up to date with school dinner payments. We may have to begin refusing school dinners for those who are continuously in debt. We will of course inform those concerned before dinners are withdrawn to allow the parent to make other arrangements for their child’s midday meal.

Spaces in Clubs

We have spaces in the following clubs Art Club for Years 3 and 4, Gardening Club and Knitting Club. Please enquire at the office for details.

Congratulations to…

Flynn Smith in Year 2 who has achieved his yellow belt in Karate. Well done Flynn!

Felix and Robbie both in Year 2 who have both achieved 8th Kyn in Ninpo Taijitsu. Well done Robbie and Felix!

May Day Bank Holiday and Half Term Break

The school is closed on Monday May 4th for the May Day bank holiday. We finish for the half term holiday on Friday 22nd May and return to school on Monday 1st June.