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2nd July 2010

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Performing Arts Day: Thursday 8th July

Middle Street performing arts day takes place on Thursday 8th July. Throughout the day children will be performing across the range of performing arts. Parents and carers are invited to come in at any time to watch events. Events will take place either in the hall or on the playground. Please see reverse of Friday News for the timetable of events.

Year 6 Transition Picnic

Yesterday Year 6 met up with children from other city centre schools for a picnic. The children were grouped into their secondary school placements. They were able to begin forming friendships with their new school mates and enjoy a variety of activities together. The picnic is part of the transition arrangements to ensure a smooth and happy transfer to secondary school

Kent Heads Visit the School

On Tuesday Katie Jones and I welcomed a group of Heads from Kent to the school. The Heads joined us to find out about our curriculum and our pastoral support among many other things. They were very impressed and were especially amazed at how articulate, knowledgeable and passionate Middle Street children are about their school.

Double Yellow Lines and Road Safety

Unfortunately I have received a complaint from the Parking Contract Officer at the council. Apparently Civil Enforcement Officers were abused by parents outside of school when recently asked to move off the double yellow lines. I will be writing to apologise. We should abide by the road safety laws particularly around our school as dangerous parking puts our children at risk. Apparently the officers stated that they were there at the request of the school. This request was made many months ago because of the complaints received from local businesses. As far as I am concerned they are simply doing their job and should be allowed to do so without being abused and as a result damaging the reputation of the school.

Afternoon Tea and Talent Contest

The PTA in collaboration with the school are holding a summer afternoon tea and celebration on Thursday 15th July following the open afternoon. There will also be a talent contest. More information to follow very shortly

On Time Teds

This week the winners in Key Stage 1 are Reception with 2 late marks. In Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 6 with 6 late marks. Well done to both classes!

Dates to Remember

Book Fair WB: 12th July

Children meet their new teacher: Friday 16th July

Year 6 special treat: 14th July.

Year 6 Leavers assembly: Wednesday 21st July (1.30)

Teachers and Year Groups for Next Year

Nursery: Ms Megan Glyn Wright and Mrs Vanessa Denyer. Reception: MsĀ  Freya Hawes. Year 1: Miss Mary Anne Howells. Year 2: Ms Karen Busby. Year 3: Ms Moriarty. Year 4: Mr James Cappiccini. Year 5: Ms Maddie Bryant. Year 6: Mr Dominic Smart.

Congratulations to …

Tom Morrison in Year 1 for riding his bike seven times during bike week, a distance of 24 kilometres. Well done Tom!

Summer Holidays

School closes for the summer holidays at 3.05 pm on Thursday 22nd July

We open again for the new academic year on Monday 6th September.