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11th March 2011

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Let’s Dance Said Year 3

And dance they did! Year 3 performed their Bugsy Malone dance at the Let’s Dance Festival on Wednesday evening. It was of course brilliant and that’s not just from me, a colleague from another school also said how impressive Year 3 was. Thank you to Sarah Moriarty for organising, preparing and accompanying the children to the event. Also many thanks to Karen Sinclaire for supporting and accompanying the children, Sue Purdy for organising the costumes, Sam Bish and Dan Baker for also supporting the class on the night.

Shrove Tuesday Assembly

Father Fayres from St Paul’s church led the school assembly on Monday. He shared with the children the meaning behind Shrove Tuesday.

Get Set Cook

Next Wednesday morning Ms Bryant and Mr Smart each with a small team from their classes are taking part in a Get Set cooking event. This fun event will be full of information about healthy eating but with the added excitement of Ms Bryant and Mr Smart actually cooking dishes with the help of their assistants. Ms Bryant and Mr Smart will be in competition with each other so who knows what the outcomes (and mess will be). The rest of the school are invited to be the audience at this exciting event. The Argus will of course be joining us on the day.

Year 1 Collecting Toys

Aiden Matticoe in Year 1 has had a brilliant idea on helping others. Following an RE discussion on Lent Aiden suggested making a collection to help children less fortunate then himself. He is involving his class mates and they’ve decided to collect unused toys for the Rocking Horse charity. If your child would like to contribute (this is aimed at year 1 children but any donations are welcome) please bring in an unused toy (however small) by Monday 21st March. Aiden and Year 1 will then send off the donations to the charity. Thank you, Aiden for being so thoughtful.

Keyboard Lesson

Important News There will be no keyboard lessons this coming Monday 14th March.

Allocation of Places on After School Clubs

Our after school clubs have become very popular and many children are disappointed on a regular basis. We are aware of this difficult situation and hopefully we can avoid disappointment in the future. We are planning a fairer system where children will be allocated a place on a club only once and then will return to bottom of the waiting list (unless there are empty spaces). This will allow everyone interested in a club an opportunity to join at some point. Allocation of places will no longer be on a first come first served basis.


Devon Olney has lost a black scarf with colour splashes and silver studs on either end. The scarf was last seen in the year 1 cloakroom. If you find Devon’s scarf please hand in at the office.
Ben Gibson has lost his scooter. It’s a JP Bug scooter with black wheels. Bens name is on the scooter so please check your scooter and return Ben’s if you find it

On Time Teds

The winners this week are in the Infants; Year 2 with 1 late mark and in the Juniors year 3 with 0 late marks Well done to both classes for being so punctual.

Parents Evenings

Parent/Carer consultation meetings: Tuesday 22nd March and Thursday 24th March

Cycle Training If your child is aged 9 upwards and is interested in cycle training there are opportunities at Preston Park and Hove Park from Monday 11th April to 15th April 10.00 am – 12.00pm. Places are limited. Please contact Emily Tester on 01273 293847 if your child would like a place.

St Nicholas Green Spaces Association

Dominic the park ranger needs your help to plant wild flowers at St Nicholas churchyard. Meet him at the churchyard on Sunday 13th March at 11.00am till 2.00pm. Tools and gloves will be provided.

 Easter Holidays: School finishes Friday 8th April and opens again on Tuesday 26th April.