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22nd March 2013

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Let’s Dance

On Wednesday evening I joined year 3 at the Dome to attend the Let’s Dance annual dance festival. The whole evening was amazing with so many talented dancers of all ages. Our lovely Year 3 children were absolutely fabulous and so confident on stage. They performed their jitterbug dance to ‘Reet Petite’ with style and flair! We were all so proud. Their costumes looked brilliant under the bright stage lights. Thank you to Stella’s mum who made the first girls costume and to Mrs Purdy who made the rest. Thank you too to the staff who took the children along and to all the parents who were cheering the children on from the auditorium

Children’s Parade Workshops

Mrs Purdy has arranged workshops to help prepare for the children’s parade during the Easter holidays. Mrs. Purdy would love parents and carers to come along and help in making the props including a large yellow submarine. The workshops will run every day from Monday 8th April until the Friday 12th April. If you are able to help, please sign up for a couple of hours, or more on the list in the school office.  Workshops in the holiday run from 10 until 3.There will also be workshops running on Fridays after the holidays on Fridays at the end of the school day from 3,15.

Brighton Festival News

Michael Rosen has chosen ‘Emil and the Detectives’ as the ‘Young City Reads’ book for Brighton and Hove children to ‘group read’ over the festival period. It is very exciting that the whole city is going to read this humorous and original book at the same time. Year 5 and Year 6 are reading the book in class as part of their guided reading sessions. Many other children are reading the book in school too. We will be running a competition over the coming weeks full of questions about the book. The prize for the winners will be a chance to meet Michael Rosen and talk about the book. Look out for details in future Friday News’.

Sugar Sugar

Year 1 and Year 2 looked rather wonderful in their bee costumes. They performed their bee dance yesterday afternoon to their parents and carers to celebrate the end of their learning journey.

Learning Journey Celebrations

Years 3 and 4 children are inviting  their parents and carers in next Wednesday 27th March to celebrate the end of their ‘Tomb Raiders’ learning journey.

Parents and carers should arrive for 2.30 and are asked if they could contribute nibbles for the celebration. You can find a nibbles list to add your name to in the year 3 and 4 classrooms.

School Dinner News

Next Thursday there has been a change to the menu it is now chip day!

Dan Dares

Dan from Albion in the Community has been running 80 miles a day aiming to complete 520 miles. He is raising money for Albion in the Community. Dan and Albion in the Community work closely with Middle Street running after school clubs and many other activities. If you would like to support Dan please donate via the website   or go down to the library where you’ll find Dan puffing and panting on the treadmill. Find him on twitter using #comeondan

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Reception and Year 2 with 2 late marks each and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 3 with 2 late marks. Well done to all three classes for again being very punctual.

The winners of the end of term £25 punctuality prize are: Reception and Year 2 share the key stage 1 prize and Year 4 win the key stage 2 prize. Well done to those children in the three classes for all being so punctual over the term

Parent/Carer Guide

Sara Bragg from Year 1 has asked me to remind you all about an information sheet she would like to produce for parents and carers to help everyone understand the various acronyms used in school and education generally. If you have any suggestions you would like to see in the guide please let Sara know by leaving a message in the suggestions box on the front desk or you can email Sara on

Another Baby Coming Soon

Abi St Claire our Reception TA leaves for her maternity leave next week. Emma Goddard will cover Abi’s maternity leave. Good luck Abi!

Easter Break

The last day of term is Thursday 28th March and we return to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.

Nursery Return Date Tuesday 16th April

15th March 2013

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Wear a Wig Red Nose Day

We had some interesting hair dos and wigs worn today for Red Nose Day so well done to everyone. Lots of children have organised and taken part in various sponsored activities and you will have read about them in last week’s Friday News. Ruby Sparks Wilson who is having her hair chopped today has raised £1100 ! Emmeline, Bronnie, Flo and Marli raised £25 from their half term cake sale. A group of girls have held a sponsored silence today and this morning Alfie in Year 5 did 1144 sponsored jumps on his pogo stick. Over last weekend Annie Mae from Year 1 with Maddie, Mili and Finn from Year 2 helped organise the Tidy Street Cake sale. They baked and sold their cakes raising £148.83p. Well done to all those children who got themselves organised to raise money for Red Nose Day and thank you to all the children and families who have supported and sponsored them.

Get Reading

In Monday’s assembly Norah Carr from the library service launched the ‘Get Reading’ project in our school. This is an exciting new project to encourage a love of reading. Your child should have a joining postcard to be completed and returned to school. In return your child will receive a special limited addition library card.

Albion Ladies Team Assembly

Next Monday’s assembly is led by Kim Stenning from the Albion’s ladies team. Albion in the Community has set up specialised girl’s courses. Low female participation has been identified as a priority area for development nationally and from Sussex FA. Kim is a great role model for the girls and is an excellent example of how women’s football can develop. She will talk about the women’s football team and her experiences. Later she will visit children in their classes from Year 2 upwards.

Snow Thank You!

Well that snow certainly took us all by surprise on Monday evening and Tuesday morning! I have heard all sorts of stories of horrendous and long car journeys, slipping and sliding and abandoned cars! It was very annoying to have to close the school for a day but the roads and pavements were treacherous and not one single bus was running. So hopefully that’s it for this year! No more snow please and thank you!

Parent and Carer Consultation Evenings

Thank you to everyone who came along to our parent and carer consultation evenings. If you were not able to make it we will telephone you and arrange another time for you to come in. Year 5 parents and carers who were booked in for Tuesday evening (snow day) Mr Smart will meet with you at the time you booked for this week on Tuesday 19th next week. If you have a problem with your original time do let Mr Smart know.

Let’s Dance

Year 3 are performing at the Brighton Schools Let’s Dance event on Wednesday 20th March. The children have been rehearsing and are just about ready to perform their jitterbug dance.

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Reception and Year 2 with 2 late marks each and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 3 with 2 late marks. Well done to all three classes for being very punctual.

 Full Governors Meeting

 This terms full governors meeting took place yesterday evening. Minutes of Governors meetings can be found on the governor’s notice board in the school foyer.

 Easter Break

 The last day of term is Thursday 28th March and we return to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.

 Nursery Return Date Tuesday 16th April.


8th March 2013

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Another Middle Street Baby!

I am delighted to announce the safe arrival of another Middle Street baby. Yvie Mason our Reception teacher gave birth yesterday morning to a baby girl; Elsie Bee weighing in at 7lbs 6ozs. Our next baby is due after Easter. Abi St Claire our Reception teaching assistant leaves for her maternity leave at the end of this term.

Bedtime Story

On Wednesday evening we closed the blinds put on our PJs and snuggled down for a bedtime story. Children were invited back to their class at 5 on Wednesday evening to listen to their teacher read a bedtime story to them. Everyone was cosy and comfy enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while they listened. Thank you to everyone who made it back to school for the story.

Wear a Wig Day

To support Red Nose Day and help raise money for charity we thought we would celebrate by wearing a wig to school next Friday 15th March. Change your whole look with an outrageous wig or perhaps something more subtle. If you don’t have a wig to hand then a wacky hairdo will be just fine. Please donate 50p and leave at the school office. Parents and carers please join in too. We’ll be looking out for the most interesting wig or hairdo.

Parent and Carer Consultation Evenings

A reminder that you should have received your parents evening consultation letter this week with details of making an appointment. If you have not already done so please make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s learning progress. You can phone the office to make an appointment if necessary.

Brighton V Huddersfield

We had an absolutely fabulous time last week at the Brighton v Huddersfield game at the Amex stadium. The children we took along were amazing and really got into the spirit of the event! How lovely that they could make as much noise as they wanted and it didn’t matter! Thank you to the school staff who gave up their Saturday to come along with the children to the game. Thank you too to those parents who sent me an appreciative email. I’m looking forward to going again if we get the chance.

Lets Dance

Year 3 are performing at the Brighton Schools Let’s Dance event on Wednesday 20th March. The children have been rehearsing and are now putting the final touches to their jitterbug dance.

Children’s Parade

Middle Street will be in the children’s festival parade this year. The theme is ‘The Lexicon of Life’ (the alphabet) we are letter Y our entry will be the yellow submarine. Mrs Purdy and Mrs Holton need your creative and making skills. If you are able to help come along to the first meeting taking place on Monday next week in the library at 9.00 am.

Saying Goodbye to Emma

We are saying goodbye to Emma Cave our school counsellor at the end of this term. Emma has been working with us supporting children for 8 years. We are very sorry to say goodbye to Emma as she is very much part and a valued member of the Middle Street team. The school is moving from the current counselling service to a different Counselling service; Dolphin House and naturally they have their own counsellors.

Family SEAL

We have been a bit disappointed that our group for this term’s Family SEAL is so small. We need a much bigger group to make it more fun and interactive. It is not too late to join and remember it’s a great way to meet and know other parents. So please let the school office know if you would like to give it go. You will be pleased you did. Sessions are aimed at parents of key stage 2 children and are on held on Tuesday afternoons.

Full Governors Meeting

This terms full governors meeting takes place on Thursday 14th March. Minutes of the meetings can be found on the governors notice board in the school foyer.

Ruby Gets the Chop!

Ruby Sparks-Wilson has been so inspired by her part in the fashion show for Comic Relief that she has decided to try to raise more money to help. She is getting the chop for charity, cutting all of her very long hair off in to a short crop to help change lives, As well as raising money Ruby will donate her hair to a wig making cancer charity. She has a giving page and you can sponsor her at: 

Sponsored Silence

To raise money for Red Nose Day Lucy, Eve, Daisy, Jody, Cara, Lili, Lillie, Jade and Jasmine are going to spend next Friday in silence. Yes that’s in silence throughout the day! Can they do it? They will be dressed in their pyjamas for the day. If you wish to sponsor them you can find them in the playground at playtimes and the end of the day with their red nose collection bucket

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 2 with 1 late mark and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 4 with 3 late marks. Well done to both classes for being very punctual.

Easter Break

The last day of term is Thursday 28th March and we return to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.

Nursery Return Date Tuesday 16th April

1st March 2013

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Spelling Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the recent spelling survey, many of you did respond. It was quite clear from the responses that 100% felt that learning to spell was very important. There were  mixed responses re: your understanding of your child’s spelling development and how we teach spelling at school. So we have a few areas to work on and improve to ensure you have a good understanding of your child’s achievement in spelling and how we can support you in helping your child at home with spelling.  

Brighton V Huddersfield

A group of children and school staff are attending the Amex stadium tomorrow for the Brighton v Huddersfield match. We are all very excited about this opportunity to watch the Albion play. We are hoping Andrea Orlandi will give us a wave in between scoring goals!

Thank you to all those members of staff giving up their Saturday to take the children along to the game.

Brighton and Hove Albion Women’s Team

The Albion’s women’s team play regularly at the Withdean Stadium on Sundays at 1.00 pm. I believe it is free to go along and watch so if you are interested do look on the Albion’s website for fixture dates. Middle Street is linking up with the women’s team after Easter. There will be after-school clubs and an assembly or two to promote women’s football.

Parent Consultation Evenings

Our spring term consultation evenings take place on Wednesday 13th March and Thursday 14th March. Year 3 and Year 5 will have slightly different arrangements.  A letter with more details will arrive home on Monday so do look out for it.

Attendance and Punctuality

For some families regular attendance at school and for many families punctuality continues to be a problem. At school we know what a negative impact poor attendance and regular lateness can have on a child’s self esteem, well being and learning. It is the responsibility of the adults to get their child to school on time and there are no excuses for regular lateness. If your child has poor attendance we will look into the reasons why and you may be contacted by the school and later if things have not improved the local authority will be in contact. Punctuality is monitored by the school and if there is continuous lateness the school will be in contact and action taken to help you improve and get your child to school on time every day. If you are having personal problems which are causing your child to be absent from school or late please lets us know we may be able to help.

Gardening Club

Mrs Purdy has gardening club spaces. Do let the office know if your child is interested in joing the club.

Family SEAL Introduction

A reminder of the Family SEAL introductory session on Tuesday 5th March at 2.15. The session take splace in the Family Room.

Red Nose Day Cakes and Flapjacks

Emmeline, Bronnie, Flo and Marli made flapjacks and cakes in the half term holiday. They then donned red noses and sold their special bakes to neighbours and friends raising money for Red Nose Day. They raised £25.40p. Well done girls your mums are very proud of you.

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 2 with 1 late mark  and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 4 with 2 late marks. Well done to both classes for being very punctual.

Guide for Parents and Carers

Sara Bragg a Year 1 mum is interested in putting together a guide for parents and carers on educational terminology and what it means. Sara already has some ideas for the guide but would like to hear from other parents and carers about what they would like in the guide. If you would like to contribute you can either note down your contribution on a notepad provided at the school office (it’s on the front desk) or email Sara at:

Red Nose Runway

Ruby’s mum: Alison has asked if I could tell you about a fashion show in aid of Comic Relief. The fashion show takes place on Saturday 2nd March at All Saints church, The Drive, Hove. If you are interested please take a look at the large poster on the parent’s notice board in the foyer

Space Invaders

Children and young people age 6 to 18 years can enter a competition about their use of social media and online gaming. This is part of an initiative called ‘Space Invaders’, a collaboration between the School of Education at the University of Brighton and CIRCY (the Centre for Innovation and Research in Children and Youth) at the University of Sussex. It aims to facilitate children and young people’s interventions into public spaces and to engage with adult anxieties about social media and new technologies by helping young people educate adults about some of the creative and innovative ways they use them. Winning entries will be screened at a debate event that will be part of the Brighton Fringe, at the Sallis Benney on May 20th. More information can be found here –


Jody has lost a grey puffer jacket. It has her name in it. Please return it to Jody or the office if you find it.

Easter Break

The last day of term is Thursday 28th March and we return to school for the summer term on Monday 15th April.

Nursery Return Date Tuesday 19th April