20th July 2007

Year 2 Assembly

Despite a very soggy start to the day Year 2 put on a wonderful show this morning. Their assembly was all about their favourite author Judy Dunbar. The children met her recently during a visit to Borders Books.

Summer Afternoon Tea

We all enjoyed a sunny afternoon tea put on for us by the School Association. During the Tea the school Governors and parents and carers presented Marie Spencer with some wonderful retirement presents and flowers. Marie has asked me to pass on her thanks for the gifts and very kind messages. She will miss you all very much. Thank you, also the School Association for another fabulous afternoon tea.

Guess How Many Sweeties

A group of parents ran a ‘Guess How Many Sweeties in the Jar’ competition during the afternoon tea. The winner was announced in assembly this morning, he is Jeric from Year 2.

Guess the Teachers Pet

I am so pleased to finally announce the winner of the ‘Guess the Teachers Pet’ competition which has been running for some time. The winner is Em from Year 4 who won a rather gorgeous teddy and a large bar of chocolate.

Meet the Teacher

The children visited their new classrooms and met their new teachers this morning. I am sure they will be excited to tell you all about what they did and what their new teacher is like.

Nursery Visit Fabrica

The afternoon Nursery children visited the Fabrica gallery to look at the new light installation exhibited in a dark and scary cave in the centre of the gallery. They had great fun.

Mrs Dyer on behalf of the Nursery would like to say thank you to the Belcher family for their kind donation of books.

Year 6 Leavers Assembly

Year 6 are busy rehearsing, as I write, for their Leavers Assembly which takes place on Monday afternoon.

Assembly After Show Party

Following the assembly Year 6 and their parents will be gathering on the beach for a class picnic. All year 6 and their parents are invited so do go along with a picnic and something nice to drink. The picnic starts from 3.30 onwards on the beach just down from the small volley ball and basketball courts.

Parent/Carer Group

During the Autumn Term there will be a course running for parents and carers who are interested in learning about how a child’s mind ticks. The course will cover areas such as temper tantrums, refusing to go to bed and all those other little dilemmas you deal with on a daily basis. More information to follow when we return in September.

Please Help

The school has an old fridge that needs dumping. Would a kind parent or carer with a van take it to the dump for us? If you are able to help please let one of the office staff know.


Roman in Year 4 is very sad at the moment, as he has lost his light grey trilby hat. Please hand it in to the office or directly to Roman if you find it.

Congratulations to…

Zeke in Year 1 who has achieved his 10 metres Swimming Certificate. Well done Zeke!
Callum in Year 2 who won the ‘Super Beaver’ tournament. Callum was awarded a trophy which he keeps until next year.

Last Friday News
This is the last Friday News for this term. So I will take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your support over the year. You truly are a great and fun bunch of parents and carers. A massively, large, sparkly thank you to all the wonderful Middle Street children. You are simply the BEST!

Goodbye and Good Luck to all the Year 6 children, we are going to miss you very much. Goodbye and Good Luck to children in other Year groups who are moving away, we shall miss you too! Good bye and Good Luck to Ms Hawes and Ms Burbridge in your new jobs, of course we will miss you too and Good Luck on your travels Ms Stewart (don’t forget to come back!). Thank you and good bye Marie, what will we do without you! To everyone else we look forward to seeing you again in September. To all of you have a sunny (ha ha!) and fun summer break!

Summer Holidays

The school closes on Tuesday 24th July and reopens again on Wednesday 5th September (Nursery from 12th September).

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