19th October 2007

Charles the Lion

Charles the Lion (you will find him on our website) would like you to send him your stories. He will then read them aloud to you. If you would like Charles to read your story please email it to charles@middlestreet.org Charles tells me there is a small prize for the best story.

Girls Football Tournament

Our girl’s football team played at Waterhall on Monday afternoon. They did very well winning two games drew three and were very close to making it into the next round. Well done girls!

The Simpsons and Happy Feet

Children from Key Stage 1 enjoyed the film ‘Happy Feet’ today at the Odeon cinema. Key Stage 2 children visited the cinema yesterday and enjoyed ‘The Simpsons Movie’. The children as always were a credit to you and to the school.

Year 3 at Bignor Villa

Year 3 visited Bignor Villa today as part of their topic work studying the Romans.

Halloween Disco

Don’t forget your Halloween disco ticket, which can be purchased from the office. Please remember all children; from Nursery to Year2 should be accompanied by an adult. There will be a quiet room in the Nursery for those younger children who wish to dress up and have fun but find the disco a bit scary and noisy.

Make us an Offer

We have a large step ladder surplus to requirements. If you would like it please make us an offer we can’t refuse and it’s yours!
There must be someone out there that wants a shiny new ladder.

Lost Property

We have finally removed our lost property mountain from the hall and are determined to get control of those pesky lost items of clothing. We will now collect lost property in the office so please ask there if you have lost something.

Lunch Boxes

Several children are bringing their packed lunches in carrier bags and some lunch boxes do not fasten securely Which means food spills out when the lunch box trolleys are moved. Please could you ensure your child’s packed lunch is in a clean lunch box, which is secure and preferably contains an ice block to keep the food cool. Sandwiches etc in carrier bags sweat and can become unpleasant.
We have a healthy food policy at Middle Street and as I am sure you are aware healthy eating is a government priority. Please ensure your child’s lunch box contains a healthy balance of fruit, sandwiches, healthy drinks etc. Try and avoid processed foods containing E numbers. Our only rules regarding packed lunches is that they do not contain sweets or bars of chocolate.

Walk to School Week

Walk to School week will continue into the week following half term. So will in fact be walk to school two weeks!

Parent/Carer Consultation Evenings

Thank you for coming along to our parent/carer consultation evening. Thank you also for all of your very positive and supportive comments, which were much appreciated by the class teachers. All the staff at Middle Street work exceptionally hard to ensure that every child is at the centre of everything we do and are happy and learning. It is always good to know that the care and hard work is recognised.
Do remember too that you do not have to wait until parent/carer consultation evening to discuss any worries or concerns you may have. Teachers are always ready to listen and help with any worries or issues you or your child may have.

Half Term Holiday

School finishes today for half term and reopens again on Tuesday 30th October

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