25th April 2008

Great Fire of London- Not!

Year 2 were left feeling rather disappointed today. They had planned to safely re-enact the Great Fire of London in the school playground with a model of London. The session had been planned carefully with risk assessments etc and with the agreement (or so we thought, following several discussions on the phone with them) of the Fire Service who were booked to come along to support and ensure the fire was safely extinguished. When the crew arrived they refused to allow the fire to be lit and said they had no knowledge of our plans. We will of course be looking into why we were misinformed. Year 2 did get to explore the fire engine and have a chat with the fire fighters.

Fire Brigade Visit Nursery

The Fire Brigade visited the Nursery today. The children were able to find out all about fire fighters and enjoyed exploring the fire engine. Most of all they enjoyed using the fire hose and squirting water at passers by!

Children’s Festival Parade

The Children’s Festival Parade takes place on Saturday the 3rd of May. The theme for Middle Street is Noughts and Crosses. Everyone attending the parade should wear black and white. Feel free to be as imaginative and flamboyant as you wish. The children will be carrying and waving flags. Many thanks to all those parents and children who have been coming along to the parade workshops. Your creations look wonderful. Our flag number at the parade is 61 and children and families joining the parade should assemble in Gloucester Street by 10.30.

The Samba band will be joining the parade. They are practising with Mr Brazil after school today and next Friday after school.

No Choir after School Club for the next 2 weeks.

School Council to Meet the Mayor

Mr Collins and the School Council will be having tea and biscuits in the Mayors chambers with Brighton’s Mayor Mrs Carol Theobald. The children will be meeting the Mayor for tea on Monday the 28th of April.

Gym Festival

Ms Whiting will be taking along a team of children from Year 4 to represent Middle Street at a Gymnastics Festival to be held at Dorothy Stringer School on Wednesday the 30th of April.

Football tournaments

The Year 6 football team is playing at Varndean College on Wednesday the 30th of April. A team of Year 5 and 6 boys are playing in a football tournament at Waterhall on Thursday the 1st of May. The Year 5 and 6 girls’ football team is playing in a tournament on Thursday the 8th of May.

School Association Coffee Morning

The next School Association coffee morning takes place on Wednesday the 7th of May at 9.00 am in the Family room as usual.

Payments Urgent!

If your child is in Year 6 and going to Little Canada in June or in Year 4 and going to Telscombe Youth Hostel in a couple of weeks we urgently need final payments.

Mrs Walker is also requesting as soon as possible any outstanding dinner money, please.

Congratulations to…

Gabriel Davis-Winstanley in Year 5 who has been signed by Brighton and Hove Albion’s Centre of Excellence. Well done Gabriel!

On Time Ted Winners (Class Punctuality Awards)

This week Year 2 won the Key Stage 1 ‘On Time Ted’ and Year 3 won the Key Stage 2
‘On Time Ted’. Well done to those classes.

Half Term Break

Don’t forget we have a May Day holiday on Monday the 5th of May. We finish for the half term break on Friday the 23rd of May and return to school on Monday the 2nd of June.

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