6th November 2009

Thinking Walk

Year 5 enjoyed exploring the woods and surrounding area at Stanmer park. They collected mini beasts and other interesting objects as part of their Charles Darwin studies which forms part of the ‘Walkabout’ learning journey. Year 6 enjoyed the same experience earlier in the week but with more challenging weather to deal with. They still had a great time though.

Thunder Kids

Thunder Kids is a Saturday morning club for children, dads and male carers. The club is free and is ideal for children aged 5 to 10. The children get to have a go at a variety of activities with their dads and carers with some time built in for the men to get together for some grown up chat. The first session runs at Middle Street on Saturday November 7th  (tomorrow)starting at 9.00 and ending at 12.00. Drop in for the morning if you are interested. Want to know more? Then turn over.

Children’s School Photographs

The photographer will be in school on Thursday 12th November taking photographs of individual children and family groups.

Year 5 and Year 6 Visit Darwin Exhibition

Children from Year 5 and 6 are visiting the Natural History museum in London on Friday 13th November. They will be exploring the Darwin exhibition as part of their ‘Walkabout’ learning journey

Contact Information Update

You will find attached to the Friday News a form that everyone must complete. We are currently updating contact information for all families. Please ensure you supply us with correct addresses, telephone and emergency contact numbers. We run a texting service so please include your correct mobile phone number. In cases of emergency it is important that we are able to contact someone immediately. In situations when a child has not been collected from school and we are not able to contact someone we may be left with the only option of contacting social services. An option we would like to avoid so please help us by supplying up to date information.

Message from Mr Brazil

I’m not saying why just yet but you may like to watch The Wizard of Oz on channel 5 this Sunday at 3.00pm.

Children’s Parade

Our theme for the May children’s festival parade is the ‘polar region’. If you are interested in forming part of a parent and carer group to help prepare for the parade please contact Mr Brazil as soon as possible via the school office or catch him around school and he will tell you more. We do need lots of helpers so don’t be shy even if you haven’t been involved before please get involved now and help us. We can’t do it without you.

Congratulations to….

Flynn Smith in Year 3 for achieving his green belt in Karate. Well done Flynn!

Alex and Harry in Year 6, who I am told have been madly peddling round Brighton and as a result have achieved their stage 1 and 2 Bikeability awards. Well done Alex and Harry!

Christmas Show

The school Christmas show takes place this year on Thursday 10th December in the afternoon. The show will take place at the Sallis Benny theatre.

Christmas Fair

The Christmas fair will be on Thursday 3rd December from 3.00 – 5.00pm.  More information to follow soon.

Christmas Holidays

The last day of term is Friday 18th December. Children return to school on Wednesday 6th January.

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