18th December 2009


I am so sorry we have had to close today because of the snow. This last day of term is always a fun day at school so it’s a shame we are missing out on that festive fun. Also we wanted to say our goodbyes to Mr Collins in assembly today. So I have asked Mr Collins to visit us on the first Friday back to join the children and staff for the Celebration assembly. He will be in school on that Friday morning if you would like to see him and say your goodbyes.

Thank You and Farewell Mr Collins

 We have really enjoyed having Mr Collins as our deputy head teacher over the last 4 years. We thank him very much for all that he has done for Middle Street. We have all had great fun during his time with us. Mr Collins, the children staff and parents/carers will miss you very much but we wish you well and good luck in your new job. We know you will be BRILLIANT!

 I’m a School Child Get Me Out of Here!

Years 5 and 6 had great fun celebrating the end of this term’s Learning Journey with an event in the hall on Tuesday afternoon. The event was based on TV show ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. Activities were messy and quite disgusting! The Argus joined us for the afternoon. The event appeared in the Argus on Wednesday and a video can also be found on the Argus website.

Year 3 Hire Knight to Rescue Princess

Year 3 celebrated the end of their learning journey on Thursday with a banquet to celebrate their princess being rescued by the Knight. The princess was very grateful.

Year 4 celebrated their learning journey with a feast of fairy tale food made by the children.

Year 1 Help Father Christmas Get Back His HO HO HO

Children in Year 1 formed a Father Christmas fan club to help Father Christmas gain more publicity. Father Christmas visited Year 1 to ask for their help. He found he was receiving fewer letter from children over the years as children appeared to be forgetting about him. He had lost touch with which toys were children’s favourite toys. The children produced a video presentation for the children across the school to remind them to write to Father Christmas and also wrote letters themselves to Father Christmas with the information they gathered following their research.

On Time Teds

The winners this week are in the Infants; Year 1 and in the Juniors Year. Well done to those year groups. The overall winners for this term will be announced when we return in January


Jonah in Year 2 has lost a blue Peter Storm waterproof jacket. It has his name in it. Please could you check if you have taken it home by mistake.

Lost Property

We have a mountain of lost property building up again. The garments etc left at the end of term will be bagged up and kept for the first week of the new term. At the end of that week it will be given to charity. If any one has any idea for solving the continuing lost property problem do let me know.

Christmas Holidays

The last day of term is Friday 18th December. Children return to school on Wednesday 6th January.

Nursery children return on Monday 11th January


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