9th July 2010

Performing Arts Day

Children sang, made music and danced their way through the day yesterday. We had a constant flow of parents and carers dropping in to watch children perform during our Middle Street Performing Arts day. It was, of course absolutely amazing!  The day ended with the adult choir surprising everyone with a stunning performance and a fabulous and loud session with the samba band. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all the staff and Mr Brazil for ensuring the day was a big hit and ran smoothly. Thank you to all those, and there were lots of you through the day, who turned up to support and enjoy the performances.

Mini Olympics

A group of children from Key Stage 1 joined Ms Busby at BAHSVIC to take part in a fun day of sporting activities at the Mini Olympics. The activities included gymnastics, bocchia, netball, trampolining and athletics. Ms Busby was very impressed by the children’s talents and how beautifully behaved they were. Well done children!

Lost! Please Help.

Sol in Year 3 has lost his scooter. It has blue handles and clear wheels, lightening strikes on sides and a broken bit of black plastic at the back of the right base. Maybe someone has taken it by mistake. Please check your scooter if it is similar.

Mimi in Year 2 has lost a special pink littlest pet shop cat. She has lost one before because it was stolen by a seagull!  Please return it to school if you find it.

Book Fair

On Monday and for the rest of the week we have a book fair selling books in the library. If we sell over £300 worth of books we get a 100% commission for the school. Any funds we raise will be spent on new books for the school.

Year 6 Worlds Arts Day at Blatchington Mill

Year 6 are off to Blatchington Mill secondary school next Thursday for a day of creative arts workshops.

Hawaiian Dress Up Day

Children and adults can help on Wednesday 14th July  raise money to support the ‘surfers against sewage’ by coming to school dressed in an Hawaiian style and make a contribution to the cause at the office. Jock Paterson spoke in assembly to the children explaining why the cause is important and describe his (and his teams) successful fundraising attempt to paddle on his surfboard across the English Channel. Jock also features in the Guinness book of world records for breaking the world record for paddle boarding across the English Channel in record time.

On Time Teds

This week the winners in Key Stage 1 are 1 with 3 late marks. In Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 5  with 6 late marks. Well done to both classes!

Dates to Remember

Book Fair WB: 12th July

Children meet their new teacher: Friday 16th July

Year 6 special treat: 14th July.

Year 6 Leavers assembly: Wednesday 21st July (1.30)

Open Afternoon

Afternoon Tea and Talent Contest

The PTA members in collaboration with the school are holding a summer afternoon tea and celebration on Thursday 15th July following the open afternoon. There will also be a talent contest. Please see attached sheet for further information.

Summer Holidays

School closes for the summer holidays at 3.05 pm on Thursday 22nd July

We open again for the new academic year on Monday 6th September.

Nursery opens a few days later on Monday 13th September.

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