27th January 2006

Cold Weather

Could you please make sure that your children have warm clothes to wear during this cold weather. They do still go out to play during the morning and lunchtime and need to have a warm coat and hat to wear. Also, some of the shared areas are not as warm as they usually are, so please make sure your child is wearing something warm.

Penalty Shoot Out

Today in assembly the children were told about a penalty shoot out taking place in school for all the children. Details will be sent home shortly.

Year 3 visit to an Air Raid Shelter

Year 3 had a memorable visit to an air raid shelter at Whitehawk Primary School. The shelter has been set up as museum with information and artefacts. The shelter was built by the people of Whitehawk and could hold up to 500 children. They were told what it was like to spend time in a shelter and listened to the sound of an air raid.
Year 3 will be doing more work on this topic by visiting the Britain at War Experience in London next Thursday 2nd February

Drama Club

As there was not a lot of response from Year 5 and Year 6 to join the drama club it has now been opened to Year 4. The club will start on Monday 30th January from 3.00 till 4.00pm. Please let the office know if you wish to join.

School Photos

Next Friday 3rd February the school photographer will be in to take individual and family group photos.

Year 4 Cricket

Year 4 are having cricket coaching from the sports coach at Dorothy Stringer School. This is a really good opportunity for them and they are enjoying it very much.


There have been a few cases of Nits in various classes, so could you please check your child’s hair regularly. Children with long hair must have their hair tied back.
Thank you.

Half Term

School closes on Friday 10th February and reopens on Monday 20th February.

Ms Layzell

Today is the last day at Middle Street for Ms Julie Layzell as she is going on maternity leave. Her baby is due in just three weeks time. We will miss her very much and look forward to her return.

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