8th November 2013

Diwali Celebrations

Middle Street children celebrated Diwali yesterday. We were very lucky to have a group of parents who organised the day for us and provided food and lots of activities to celebrate this special occasion. The parents of Prian, Hannah and Kian planned and organised the day for us and were helped by a group of volunteers; Finley’s mum, Cole’s mum and Daisy’s mum. There was special delicious food, welcoming  Rangoli patterns created, Mehndi hand patterns and Indian clothes to wear. It all looked amazing. Thank you so much to all the parents for the wonderful day. You are what makes Middle Street such a fabulous school and community to be a part of!

MP Enjoys School Dinner

Caroline Lucas M.P joined children for lunch yesterday as part of National School Meals week. Caroline enjoyed one of our delicious school lunches and chatted to the children. You can see the photos in today’s Argus.

Eliot’s Poem

Eliot in Year 5 wrote a poem in school last year and entered into the Ledbury Poetry Competition. I am delighted to say that he was recommended in his age range. Well done Eliot! The poem is printed at the end of the Friday News for you to read. The website link for the competition is http://www.poetry-festival.co.uk/poetry-competition.html

Learning Superstars

We have changed our celebration certificates which we award in Fridays assembly. The certificates are now ‘Learning Superstar Awards’. The children in the class make suggestions to the teacher as to who should receive an award and why. The teacher makes the final decision and the awards are still a surprise to the children when they are read out in assembly. The focus is very much on learning and the language used is language for learning. So the awards will be for example for concentration, perseverance, rising to a challenge, overcoming a difficulty etc. You will be hearing more from the school in the future on the work we are doing around language for learning and how you can help at home in developing your child’s ability to evaluate and reflect on their learning and the development of a growth mindset. If you are interested in doing a bit of reading you might like to read: ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck.

Individual Photographs

The school photographer will be in on Friday 15th November to take photographs of individual children and family groups. Don’t forget to wear your best clothes and brush your hair!

Christmas Shows

Our Christmas Shows take place on Thursday 12th December at the Sallis Benny theatre. The infants’ performance is at 1.15 and the juniors’ takes place at 2.15. So do make sure you have the date in your diary.

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 1 and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 6. Both classes had zero late marks! Well done to both classes for being on time for school!

Government Changes to SEN

Do you want to know more about the proposed changes to special needs in schools? Are you confused by the various terms and want to know more? Well help is at hand as you are warmly invited to a workshop on 14th November at the Brighthelm Centre at 10.00 till 2.00. Staff from the Local Health and Social Care and Amaze will explain more about the proposed changes and answer you questions. Lunch is provided. Email: debbie@amazebrighton.org.uk

Or phone the Amaze helpline on 01273 772289.

Christmas Break

The term ends on Friday 20th December for the Christmas break. Children return to school on Monday 6th January.


Eliot’s Poem



Black is a panther.

Black is ashes from a fire

and blackberries you find when trying to hide,

Black is darkness and silence after a choir.


Black is a cave
with a sound that was never there.

Black is a demon
that will give a scare.

Black is a feeling

that you get when you’re confused or scared.

Like when your
enemy suddenly cared.

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