3rd July 2009

School Summer Fair

Our Middle Street summer fair takes place tomorrow,  (Saturday 4th July) Do come along and join us for lots of fun and activities for everyone!
Gymnastic Team Success

Our Gymnastic Team competed last week and did very well coming second place in the finals. Thank you, Ms Layzell for training up the team.
Ice Skating Fun

Children from Years 3, 4 and 5 have enjoyed visiting and skating on the ice skating rink (actually it’s plastic) outside the Jubilee Library. We obviously have some budding Torville and Deans!  Thank you, Ms Busby for organising this activity and taking children along to skate.
Soundmakers Performance

Our Year 5 class have been learning a musical instrument each over the last few weeks. Yesterday they performed a number of pieces for the whole school and their parents and carers. They were, of course brilliant!
Sealife Centre Experience

Year 1 had great fun at the Sealife centre yesterday as part of their Learning Journey.
Butterfly Count

Each child should have received a ‘Bid Biodiversity Butterfly’ leaflet. It would be wonderful if as many of you as possible could complete the activities and record the results and return them. The butterfly count was very successful last year. Lets help to make this years count even more successful.
Green Britain

The whole school is taking part in ‘Green Britain’ as part of the EDF project. We have decided to hold an Eco Apprentice event across the school. Each class has a budget and have been asked to produce a product from eco friendly or recycled materials. The Eco Warriors will be selling the products at the Green Wave festival on Sunday 12th July from 2.00 pm until 7.pm on Maderia Drive. Please come along and support us. We are also holding a special Eco Market in the school playground on 13th July at 3.00 pm.
Street Funk Performance – Year 5 Assembly

Year 5 children will be performing their assembly on Monday morning to their parents and the school.
Nellie Won a Silver Medal Too!

Nellie, please forgive me. I forgot to say last week that Nellie also won a silver medal in the Brighton Primary schools Athletics Championships! Well done Nellie!
Times Books for Schools Vouchers Deadline

The deadline for handing in the Times Books for Schools vouchers is 11th July. We have already used the vouchers handed in for buying several books. So please don’t leave it too late if you have any.
Open Afternoon and Afternoon Tea

Open afternoon takes place on Thursday 16th July from 2.00 pm. This is followed by Mrs Noble’s and Mrs Dyer’s retirement afternoon tea. Mrs Dyer has also decided to retire this year from teaching. Mrs Dyer has worked at the school for many years and built up a very positive reputation for Middle Street Nursery. She will be greatly missed by us all. So do come along to the afternoon tea to say goodbye to two very special teachers.
On Time Teds

The winners this week are: Year 1 in Key Stage 1 and Year 6 in Key Stage 2. Congratulations to both classes.
Who Will Your New Teacher Be?

I know lots of children and their parents will be wondering who will be their next teacher. There will be a few changes next year as we have 3 teachers leaving. You know about Mrs Dyer and Mrs Noble but Ms Stewart who currently teaches Year 5 is also leaving. Ms Stewart is moving to and has secured a job in  London. We are very sad to say goodbye to Ms Stewart. She is a brilliant teacher and colleague. So the teachers for next term are: Nursery: Ms Glyn Wright and Ms Layzell, Reception: Mrs Denyer, Year 1: Ms Whiting, Year 2: Ms Busby, Year 3: Ms Moriarty, Year 4: Ms Hawes, Year 5: Ms Bryant (who has trained very successfully with us this year and is now a qualified teacher), Year 6: Ms Silkowski (who replaces Ms Stewart, is an excellent teacher and has worked with us in the past). Children will meet their new teachers and Teaching Assistants on Friday 17th July.
School Photo Money

Please send in all school photo money by next Friday.
Dinner Money Debts

Please ensure you have paid dinner money debts before the end of term.
After School Clubs
Please pay after school club debts as soon as possible. Please remember all debts impact on the school budget and therefore reduces resources available for all children in the school. So please keep up to date with payments.
Congratulations to..

Flynn Smith in Year 2 who has achieved his Orange Belt in Karate. Well done Flynn!
Summer Holidays

We finish for the summer holidays on Wednesday 22nd July and return to school on Thursday 3rd September.

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