2nd December 2011

Christmas Show Tickets

Christmas show tickets are on sale from Monday next week. You will be allocated 2 tickets at £1.50 each initially and additional tickets will be sold on Friday 9th December. A letter clarifying arrangements for the Christmas shows was also sent home today. If you did not receive yours please ask at the office.

Argus Vote Tokens

Please collect as many Argus vote tokens as you can to help raise money for the school. We collect them by looking out for abandoned Argus’ on buses etc and then tear the tokens out. We’ve had a few but we need lots and lots more! We want to use the money, if we win to make improvements to our outside areas.

Christmas Post Box

Our Christmas post box will be ready to take post on Tuesday 6th December. Please ensure that cards have the child’s or adults full name and class written clearly on the front to help our delivery persons when sorting the post.

Middle Street Christmas Fayre

The PTA are currently organising this year’s  Christmas Fayre for the afternoon of Thursday 8th December. The PTA are holding an urgent meeting on Monday 5th December to finalise arrangements. Please come along to help. The meeting will take place at 9.15 in Cafe Coho (next to Fat Face). The PTA also need as soon as possible donations of gifts, cakes, biscuits, wine, Christmas decorations, sweets, toiletries and toys. The PTA also need help with preparing Santa’s grotto and volunteers to become fairies and Santa (just in case Santa is held up and can’t make it on time.) Please let Jo Bishop know if you can help with any of the above. You can contact Jo on 07956878344 or email punchpr@aol.com  Children and adults can dress up in their best sparkly clothes for the occasion.  

On Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 1 with 1 late mark. In Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 3 with 0 late marks . Fabulous! Well done to both classes for excellent punctuality.

Congratulations to….

Ellis in Year 3 who has successfully completed his lunchtime buddy training. Well done Ellis!

Thank you Again

Today we have the sad task of attending Karen Sinclaire’s funeral. Some of you I know will be joining us at Woodvale cemetery to say goodbye. I would just like to say another big thank you to you all for your thoughtful messages and words of support and condolences to pass on to Karen’s family.
The book of condolences will remain open until the end of the day on Monday.
Your kindness and support are what makes Middle Street such a special place to be.

Christmas Break

We finish for the Christmas holidays on Friday 16th December and return to school in the New Year on Wednesday 4th January.
Nursery returns on Thursday 5th January

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