19th October 2012

All at Sea with Year 5

This morning Year 5 sang to us and told us all sorts of interesting facts about sea creatures and how a submarine works. Thank you Year 5 for a fabulous and interesting assembly.

The Real Stars of the Show

On Sunday evening when you were at home watching ‘Songs of Praise’ members of the children’s Middle Street Choir along with Mr Brazil, Mrs Denyer and myself performed on stage at the Theatre Royal with the Drifters. How cool (and very exciting) was that!  We have been beside ourselves with joy since being invited to perform with the Drifters. The only school in Brighton and Hove invited to do so. Michael Williams from the Drifters visited us in school earlier in the term He asked us to sing two songs and to practice them before the show. On the night we performed those songs which are a couple of old favourites: ‘Saturday Night at the Movies’ and ‘Stand by Me’. Everyone was up out of their seats and dancing in the aisles while we sang.  So Middle Street children really were the stars of the show!

PTA Halloween Disco and Film

Thank you so much to the three or four parents and carers who organised two nights of Halloween fun for the children of Middle Street. You did a brilliant job and raised over £300 for the school. Organising such events is quite a challenge. So please if you wish for such lovely fund raising events to continue for your school please do your best to contribute and help where you can.
Do remember that the organisers of these events are not responsible for managing the behaviour of the children so another way to help the organisers is to ensure your child is enjoying themselves but doing so sensibly. The events themselves are a treat but in addition to that our children benefit from the money raised long term. At the moment funds raised by the PTA are going towards playground equipment, gardens and other playground developments over time.
Thank you once again to the team and to those parents who pitched in at the end of the event and helped to clear up.

Parent Carer Consultation Evenings

Thank you to everyone who came along to our Parent/Carer consultation evenings this week. If you were not able to make it we will be in touch to arrange another time for you to meet with your child’s teacher.

Christmas Card Competition

Children can enter a Christmas Competition being run by our school kitchen. All they need to do is have a school dinner and ask for the entry form. The prize is 50 professionally printed Christmas cards designed by the winner.

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Reception with 3 late marks and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 6 with 5 late marks. Well done to both classes for being punctual.

Mrs Coelho Says Goodbye

Mrs Coelho is saying goodbye for a while on Friday next week when she finishes for her maternity leave. Mrs Coelho’s baby is due to arrive in December so she will be putting her feet up and watching a bit of daytime telly in the meantime while she waits for baby. Good luck Mrs Coelho we are all looking forward to meeting baby after the winter break.
Mr Liam Brosnan will take over from Mrs Coelho after half term teaching in Year 4.

Albion Launch Shirt Amnesty.

The club has launched a shirt amnesty which will give supporters the opportunity to purchase a half price under 10s Albion replica shirt. Fans can hand over to the club old football shirts, regardless of size, age or club they represent and in return will be offered 50% off a new under 10s Albion shirt. The old shirts collected by the club will be donated to Albion in the Community’s charity shop Sports Dreams or sent around the world to underprivileged players involved in AITC’s global projects. Take your old shirts to the Seagulls Superstore located at the Amex stadium or to the Seagulls store in Queens’s road between Saturday 15th September and Saturday 17th November excluding match days.

Congratulations to….

Sam and Sophie from Year 6 who have both achieved their 1500 metres swimming certificate, which means they have both swum 60 lengths!!! Well done to Sam and Sophie!

Half Term Break

We finish for the half term break on Friday 26th October (next week) and children return to school on Tuesday 6th November.

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