26th May 2006

World Cup Languages

The World Cup languages draw took place in Wednesday’s assembly. Each class now has a country to follow in the World Cup. The main focus will be on learning a few words of a foreign language and also a little bit about different cultures. Reception will be following Sweden, Year 1 Portugal, Year 2 Spain, Year 3 Poland, Year 4 Italy, Year 5 France and Year 6 Japan.
Our famous sports commentator came along for the assembly and helped with the draw and talked to the children about the World Cup.

Parent Governors Needed

We need 5 parent governors. If you are interested in taking on this role please read the attached letter.

Year 6 Safety in Action

Year 6 attended staying safe workshops at Carden Primary School last week. They worked on activities with the fire brigade, the police, road safety team, St John ambulance and trading standards team.

Keeping Safe

WPC Owen, our community police officer will be in after half term running ‘keeping safe’ workshops with each class.

Has anyone seen…

Nerissa’s violin music book. She lost her book recently but it does have her name in it. If you come across it please return to the office and we will pass it on.

Long Hair

Please could children with long hair have it tied back whilst in school. We are having a lot of problems with those pesky head lice who love to swing from head to head. Although, those little beasties, love any type and length of hair and are expertly trained in moving from head to head with the utmost speed.
Long hair can also get caught up in apparatus etc if not tied back. It can be quite painful and dangerous when this happens.

Dinner Money

Mrs Walker would like dinner money debts paid up. Please pay as soon as possible.

Sea Creatures in Odd Places

A parent has asked if anyone else has come across strange sea creatures lounging around town. Lucy and Anna in Year 1 found a sea creature about 30 cm long on their balcony at home. They think it may be a Seahorse or Pipe-fish. Also, a fat, fresh starfish was, recently found in the street in Kemptown by someone else. Anyone been watching Invasion on the TV? Maybe there lies the answer!

Half Term

We finish for half term today. School re-opens on TUESDAY 6th April.

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