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27th February 2009

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Parent Consultation Evenings

Parent’s evenings will take place on Tuesday 10th March and Wednesday 11th March from 3.20 until 6.00. You should have received a letter this week about Parent’s evening. If one hasn’t arrived home yet please ask at the office for a copy.

Year 5 and Year 6 Visit Brighton Museum

Year 5 and Year 6 spent some time this week at Brighton Museum looking at artefacts from the Second World War period as part of their ‘We’ll Meet Again’ learning journey.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Have Fun on the Farm

Reception and Key Stage 1 children have visited Washbrook Farm as part of their Learning Journey. They all had a fabulous time and returned rosy cheeked and happy (including the grown ups!)

Year 5 Make Music

This week Year 5 begun learning to play a musical instrument. The children are part of the music service’s Soundmakers programme and will each learn a musical instrument for free.

Road Safety Sessions

Children in Year 1 are finding out about road safety with help from the local authority road safety team. They enjoyed a session this week and will have more sessions in the next 2 weeks.

Can You Help?

Does anyone have a metal-framed rucksack that they are willing to lend to the school? It is needed to support the large puppet construction to be used in the Children’s Parade. If you are able to help please contact Debbie on 07784317921 or Issy on 07837086801.

Full Governors Meeting

The next full governor’s meeting is on Thursday 5th March. Please check the Governors notice board if you wish to read the minutes of the meeting.

Buy a Daffodil

Please help raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care by making a donation at the office. In return you will be given a daffodil pin to wear.

Congratulations To…

Dorian Cotton in Year 2 who has achieved his 10 metres front crawl swimming certificate. Well done Dorian!

Tala, Inez, Issy and Poppy all in Year 5 took part in the Sussex Beacon 800m youth race on Sunday. They completed the race and raised over £100 for the Lily Foundation. Well done Tala, Inez, Issy and Poppy!

On Time Teds

Well done to year 5 they have won for the second week running and to year 2 for winning last week and reception for winning this week.

RSPCA will be visiting year 1 and 2 on Monday so please bring in any donations of food or blankets.

Children’s Parade

A meeting will take place at 9a.m. on Monday in the family room for any parents / carers who would like to help make props for this years parade.

Easter Holidays

The school closes for the Easter break on Friday 3rd April pm. School opens again for the new term on Monday 20th April.

6th February 2009

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Snow Sorry

I am so sorry that we had to close for 2 days because of the snow and ice. I know it probably caused inconvenience to you so please accept my apologies. The reason for closing was due to the number of staff who were unable to travel into school. Some were completely snowed in, others couldn’t make it because of public transport cancellations.

Walk like an Egyptian

Year 4 put on a wonderful assembly this morning. They performed a sand dance helped along by clapping parents who helped out when technology let us down. The assembly was based on their Egyptian learning journey. Well done Year 4!

Stressed Down Day

We have had a lovely relaxing day in our pyjamas and slippers and in the process raised money for the Samaritans. Thank you for your donations.

On Time Teds

The winners of this week’s On Time Teds will be announced in Monday’s assembly. Which classes will win the £25 at the end of the term?

Pizza Hut Visit

Year 5 will be making pizzas at Pizza Hut on Tuesday 10th February. Parents who would like to help should let Ms Stewart know (you get to make your own pizza too).

Children’s Parade Meeting

The next children’s parade meeting is on Monday about 9ish. The meeting will take place in the Family Room.

PE Kits Please

All children MUST have a named PE kit for games and PE. They need their PE kits in school for the whole week. Children attending after school sports clubs must also have a PE kit. If a child does not have a PE kit during the school day they will miss PE and spend the lesson in another year group with work to complete. Children attending after school sports clubs with out a PE kit will not be able to take part in the session.

Middle Street Parking

Please avoid parking on double yellow lines when dropping off or collecting your child from school. Please do not block the entrance to the school car park as it is in use all day. Recently there have been occasions when a staff member has been very late for a meeting as the car park entrance was blocked by a parent’s car for a considerable amount of time.

Half Term Break

School closes on Friday 13th February at 3.00
for the half term break. Children return to school on Monday 23rd February.