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25th February 2005

Friday, February 25th, 2005

Brighton Science Festival

There are several interesting Science events happening at City College, Brighton, this weekend. Apparently there is a real piece of moon rock for you and your children to see on Saturday 26th February as part of a Bright Sparks science session which is free to under 7’s. Leaflets are coming home today.

World Book Day

To celebrate world Book Day next week, children are invited to dress up as a character from a book on Thursday, 3rd March. Homework this week will be on the theme of World Book Day.

Congratulations to ..

Callum Etherington in Reception class for gaining the Level 1 National Swimming Award. That’s wonderful Callum, you should be very proud of yourself!

Illness in School

There has been a lot of illness at school recently. Some children are still being sent in with infectious or contagious illnesses. This is not fair to your child who should be at home being looked after, to other children who then get ill as a result, or to staff who have to clear up and look after poorly children who shouldn’t be in school. Please keep children who are unwell at home. Thank you.

New Musical Instrument

Mr Brazil is delighted to have been able to order a magnificent large xylophone with the money collected at the Christmas shows. It will enhance all of his music teaching around the school.

Food Dye

Please be assured that no food used in the school kitchen contains any of the banned food dye or its derivatives.

School Food Action Group

A group of interested parents, governors and school staff from Brighton and Hove have been meeting regularly to discuss the “Healthy Food In Schools” agenda. There is an open meeting on March 3rd between 4-6 p.m. at Coldean Primary School, entrance in Kenwards, off Beatty Avenue. If you would like to go, please contact the office where you can fill in an attendance form.

School Association

There will be a meeting next Friday 4th March for anyone interested in being involved in the School Association. It will be upstairs at Starbucks, Western Road, at about 9.15 a.m. Please come along to share your ideas, you will be made most welcome.


The Valentine’s Disco this week went really well. Again, thanks to the parents who put in all the effort to organise and run it, and to staff for supporting the event with their time. It raised over £100 for our playground improvement project.

DT Week

We will be having one of our special whole school curriculum weeks starting next Monday. The children will be taking part in lots of exciting Design Technology activities in class, in the playground and in the hall. There will be a display of the work from the week in the hall on the following Friday, 11th March, when you are invited to come and share what the children have been doing.

Dentist Visit

There will be dental screening in school Monday for all pupils, except Nursery afternoon. If you do not want your child to be seen by the dentist, please let the office staff know.


There is letter coming home from me with the children today about next school year.

18th February 2005

Friday, February 18th, 2005

Karate Kids!

There was a lovely photograph and article in the Argus on Wednesday about Harlem’s international Karate competition success. We are so proud of your achievements Harlem. Congratulations also to – Dillon Bartelds, Katie McKender and Ariel Matsui Leroy. They have all gained their red belts in Karate. We obviously have some real talent in karate at this school!

Valentine Disco

The School Association is organising a Valentine’s disco for when we return after the holiday. It will be on Wednesday 23rd February, and will take the usual format: Nursery, Reception Years 1 and 2: 3.15 – 4.15p.m. Years 3 to 6: 4.15 – 5.15p.m. Tickets £2 each. Children in Year 2 and younger need to be accompanied by an adult, junior children may stay for a video, if registered with the office beforehand.

Year 5 Tasty Treats

The children in year 5 had a great day on Wednesday with “Brilliant Futures”, an organisation that aims to promote positive attitudes and healthy lifestyles in children and young people. They made some very tasty healthy food which lots of parents came to sample at the end of the day.

Class Assembly

We all enjoyed the Year 5 class assembly this morning when they performed their favourite poems for us.

Year 6 Experience Macbeth

The children in Year 6 (and a few from Year 5) had a wonderful night out at the theatre last Friday evening, seeing Macbeth at the Corn Exchange. It certainly fired up their imagination, they have written some excellent spells inspired by the three witches.

Pyke House Payments

The office staff would like to remind parents of children in Year 4 that payments for Pyke House can be made weekly, or by any instalments that suit you.


Please return your photograph orders to school by Friday 25th February.

Children’s Parade

It’s time to start thinking about the Children’s Parade. Each year, parents amaze us with their hard work, dedication and talents in making the centrepiece, and helping the children make costumes and props. Any amount of help is gratefully received. Don’t worry if you are not especially artistic as your enthusiasm and willingness to get stuck in are what’s important. This year’s theme is “ShowTime” and we are lucky enough to have “The Jungle Book” as our school theme. We will also be having a samba band. Come to a meeting with Katie Whiting and Mick Brazil in the library on Wednesday 2nd March from 3.15 to find out how you can get involved.

School Association

There has been a very good response to the idea of having two parent reps from each class. We only need one parent from Year 4 and one from Year 5, so let me know if you are interested. They are a very friendly group and want more parents to get involved. All parents and carers, not just reps, are invited to meet up over a coffee upstairs at Starbucks, Western Road (next to M&S) at 9.15 a.m. on Wednesday 4th March. This will be a chance to meet other parents socially and to share thoughts about the School Association and future events.

Half Term Holiday

We hope that you enjoy the half term break, and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 21st February.

4th February 2005

Friday, February 4th, 2005

Year 5 Class Assembly

Family members are invited in to share the Year 5 class assembly next Friday 11th February at 9.00 a.m. in the hall.

Healthy Food Tasting

Next Wednesday, 9th February, the children in Year 5 are taking part in a “Fuel for Fun” workshop, aimed at promoting cooking healthy food, and having fun at the same time. This is all part of our Healthy Schools initiative. There will be an opportunity to taste some of the food they produce in the Year 5 classroom from 3.00 p.m. – everyone is welcome.

Left Handed Pen

Mrs Hadgkiss wanted me to tell you that she has found a very well designed pen that is particularly suitable for left handed writers. It is available from Webster’s Pen Shop. It costs £4.99, plus £1.99 for three cartridges, but if enough of you wanted to buy one for your child, then we could get a discount. Please let us know if you would be interested.

200th Anniversary

We are getting very excited about the school’s 200th anniversary that is coming up in September. Dave Dyer has been busy, with the help of some parents and Kate Richardson from Brighton Museum, researching and starting to organise some events to celebrate this milestone in our history. If you would like to get involved, in any way, please come along to a meeting here at the school at 9.00 a.m. on Monday 7th February.

School Association

There has been some interest in the idea of having two parent representatives from each class on the School Association, but do let me know if you want to get involved in this way.

A Day Out In London

Year 3 had such a lovely time in London yesterday, visiting the Britain at War Experience, and going on a very pleasant walk along the Thames. The children were all so well behaved, and really benefited from such a high level of parental help. We do appreciate the excellent support that we get from our parents with trips; it makes them so much more enjoyable for everyone.

Playground Improvements

A group of parents have met with Mary Noble and Nick Ebdon to think of ways to improve the playgrounds. They have come up with lots of interesting ideas. I will be meeting with the School Council next week to discuss the playgrounds. Over the weekend, it would be helpful if parents and carers could speak with the children to see if they can come up with any ways of making their playgrounds better. The children can then tell their class reps who can bring these ideas to the School Council.

Racing Stripes

Children in Years 2 and 4 enjoyed going to the cinema on Tuesday to see the new film Racing Stripes.

Yoga Club

Letters are coming home about Yoga classes for children at this school. There will be two classes each week, one for infants and one for juniors. Places will be limited to eight pupils per session, and will cost £8 for a four-week course. Classes for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children will be on Tuesdays and for Years 3 – 6 on Wednesdays, starting after the half term holiday.

School Photographs

Individual and sibling photo’s were taken today; however, there are so many children off because of illness that the photographer will be returning on Monday 21st March to catch up with children who were away.