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26th May 2006

Friday, May 26th, 2006

World Cup Languages

The World Cup languages draw took place in Wednesday’s assembly. Each class now has a country to follow in the World Cup. The main focus will be on learning a few words of a foreign language and also a little bit about different cultures. Reception will be following Sweden, Year 1 Portugal, Year 2 Spain, Year 3 Poland, Year 4 Italy, Year 5 France and Year 6 Japan.
Our famous sports commentator came along for the assembly and helped with the draw and talked to the children about the World Cup.

Parent Governors Needed

We need 5 parent governors. If you are interested in taking on this role please read the attached letter.

Year 6 Safety in Action

Year 6 attended staying safe workshops at Carden Primary School last week. They worked on activities with the fire brigade, the police, road safety team, St John ambulance and trading standards team.

Keeping Safe

WPC Owen, our community police officer will be in after half term running ‘keeping safe’ workshops with each class.

Has anyone seen…

Nerissa’s violin music book. She lost her book recently but it does have her name in it. If you come across it please return to the office and we will pass it on.

Long Hair

Please could children with long hair have it tied back whilst in school. We are having a lot of problems with those pesky head lice who love to swing from head to head. Although, those little beasties, love any type and length of hair and are expertly trained in moving from head to head with the utmost speed.
Long hair can also get caught up in apparatus etc if not tied back. It can be quite painful and dangerous when this happens.

Dinner Money

Mrs Walker would like dinner money debts paid up. Please pay as soon as possible.

Sea Creatures in Odd Places

A parent has asked if anyone else has come across strange sea creatures lounging around town. Lucy and Anna in Year 1 found a sea creature about 30 cm long on their balcony at home. They think it may be a Seahorse or Pipe-fish. Also, a fat, fresh starfish was, recently found in the street in Kemptown by someone else. Anyone been watching Invasion on the TV? Maybe there lies the answer!

Half Term

We finish for half term today. School re-opens on TUESDAY 6th April.

19th May 2006

Friday, May 19th, 2006

Walk to School Week

Walk to school week starts on Monday 22nd May. So spend the weekend dusting off those walking shoes, set the alarm nice and early lock the car up and walk to school next week.

Meeting our Community Police Officer

WPC Lesley Owen introduced her self to the children in assembly on Monday. She talked about her job as a police officer and answered the children’s questions. WPC Owen will be running sessions in each class over the next few weeks. She will be talking about: ‘People Who Help Us’, ‘Making Choices’ and ‘Respect for Property’. Lesley has been a community police officer for many years and is very experienced in the classroom. She is also offering to security mark mobile phones for children in Years 4,5 and 6. More information to follow.

Cabinets & Pods / Computers

No club after school next Tuesday (23rd) – Mr Dyer out at a meeting.

School Association Meeting

The school association met on Thursday 18th May. They will be sending a letter out to you after half term providing you with events information and also asking for your help at the school summer fair on July 8th.

Safety in Action

Year 6 will be attending a Safety in Action workshop at Carden Primary School. They will be finding out how to keep themselves and others safe.

World Cup

Our Wednesday assembly next week will have a World Cup theme. A famous sports commentator (a parent who many of you know) will be joining us. He will be helping children select a country to follow in the World Cup. Each class will follow a different country and along the way learn a few words of the language. In every class there will be a display focused on the language, culture and of course information on their World Cup team.


Please can I remind you that children should not be wearing jewellery in school. Small stud earrings and a watches are ok but other items should not be worn for health and safety reasons but also sometimes precious items are lost and this causes a lot of upset.

Congratulations to ….

Maisie Brown in Year 1. Maisie has been awarded her 10 metres swimming certificate. Well done Maisie!
Ruby Smith in Year 3. Ruby now has her 300 metres swimming certificate. Well done Ruby! Sophie Walters in Year 3 has achieved her 200 metres swimming certificate. Well done Sophie! Madeleine Houghton in Year 3 has also achieved her 200 metres swimming certificate. Well done Madeleine!

12th May 2006

Friday, May 12th, 2006

Festival Parade

What a fantastic turn out for the parade! It was good to see so many families all looking very colourful despite the weather. The Samba band played brilliantly, as did everyone else who joined in with the band as we marched through the streets. Our palm trees caught the eye of an organiser of a healthy food fayre. She liked them so much she has asked to borrow them to use at their event. Check out the Middle Street website to watch a short video of the parade. Thank you to every one who helped prepare for the parade and a special thank you to Mrs Purdy and Mr Brazil for all their hard work with the organisation, props and music.

Hooray for Year 6

Year 6 are celebrating the end of SATs week. They have been working hard all week on their end of Key Stage tests. Well Done Year 6!

Year 2 visit to Booth Museum

Year 2 had an interesting time at the Booth Museum in Hove. They studied animals as part of their art topic on sculptures. They will be creating their own clay sculptures based on their observations.

Visit to the Beach

Year 5 enjoyed their session on Brighton beach today. They spent the morning sketching and enjoying the sunshine. Thank you Year 5 for allowing Year 6 to borrow your classroom this week.

Lost Property

Please look through the lost property for lost items of clothing etc. what’s left will be bagged up and given to a local charity shop.

Race for Life

Delilah Lewis in Year 5 is taking part in this years Race for Life at Stanmer Park. The race takes place on July 2nd and Delilah will be running 3 miles. If you would like to sponsor Delilah and find out more about the event please visit Delilahs web page:

PE Kits

Key Stage 2 children will be going to Withdean Stadium for some of their PE lessons during the summer months. It is essential they have PE kits including trainers or plimsolls to wear and a jacket, sun cream and a bottle for water.

Summer Clothing Reminder

Please can you ensure that your child wears cool but appropriate clothing during the summer months. Shoulders should be covered, no strappy tops girls!
Footwear should be flat and sensible. No flip flops or strappy sandals please. Children will be asked to change if the class teacher feels a child is inappropriately dressed for school or is at risk of sunburn.

Sad News from the Nursery

Mrs Dyer has asked me to tell you that Hazel the guinea pig, who was very old, died in her sleep. Hazel is buried in the shade of a rose bush in Mrs Dyer’s garden.

School Association News

Please note the Film night has been postponed and will now take place on Friday 23rd June. A meeting to discuss the Summer Fair will take place here at Middle Street on Thursday 18th May at 3.15.

Headlice Alert!

We are still having a problem with headlice. I think they like the warm weather! Please check your child’s head for the little beasties and get rid of them. Please remember to treat the whole family. If you want advice on treatment please let us know and we will put you in contact with the school nurse.

Congratulations to..

Zoe Ward in Year 3 who has gained her 100 metres swimming certificate and Jem Ward in Year 5 who has achieved his 200 metres swimming certifcate. Well done Zoe and Jem!

5th May 2006

Friday, May 5th, 2006

Children’s Parade

Head dresses and shakers have been made by the children and look very colourful. Mrs Purdy has been very busy helping everyone prepare for the parade. Mr Brazil and the Samba band are ready to drum those beats! You will find us tomorrow in Sydney Street, flag number 67 at 10.30. The Samba band should arrive at 10.15.

Nursery Music Workshops

A group of Nursery children and their parents have been enjoying music workshops. The children and their parents have had fun singing and playing instruments. The parents and children are able to borrow a music activity pack to take home. The pack provides ideas to further develop the children’s musical understanding and skills. The workshops have been funded and organised by Family Assurance in conjunction with EYDCP.

Year 3 to Dance at Hove Town Hall

Year 3’s excellent dance performance at the Dome has resulted in them being asked to dance at Hove Town Hall at the Blatchington Mill Family Festival in June. We’ll let you know more soon.

Winners of Energy Saving Competition

Kim Jackson the LEA’s Environment Education Officer presented prizes to the runners up and the winner of our Energy Saving competition. The runners up are: Yseult De La Poer Monsell Y2, Grace Owers Y3, Katy Shirley Y3, Jolly Wheeler Y5, Amelia Thornton Y4, Hannah Dunsmore Y4, Jem Ward Y5 and Letty Bell De La Poer Monsell Y6. They all received a bag of goodies, all of which have been made from recycled materials. Well done to all the runners up. The winner is Nerissa Anderson Gomez Adan Y3 who won a bag of goodies with a few extra bits and a framed copy of her design for a save energy sticker. The school has been given a supply of the stickers to place around the school reminding everyone to switch off lights etc. Well done Nerissa!

Guess the Baby

The winner is Ruby Smith in Year 3 who I’m sure, by now has eaten the delicious box of chocolates she received as a prize. The runners up were; Georgia in Year 3 who came second, Letty, Paige, Toni and Remy in Year 6 who all came third.

Year 4’s Visit to Wakehurst Place

Year 4 enjoyed their visit to Wakehurst Place today. They spent the day exploring and investigating the habitats of minibeasts. Luckily the weather has been beautiful for them.

Nursery would like..

Donations of sun hats and wellington boots to have as spares during the paddling pool season. Please hand any items either directly to the Nursery staff or to the office.

Head Lice Alert!

We have had several sightings of head lice. Please check your child’s head regularly if you find head lice please remember to treat the whole family. If you need assistance with head lice problems the school nurse is more than happy to advise you.

Congratulations to..

Fabienne Gladwin in Year 3 has been awarded her red belt in Karate. Well Done Fabienne!