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24th February 2006

Friday, February 24th, 2006

Saving Electricity Poster

As part of our Eco-School status we have been running an energy saving competition to design a poster. Details were sent home sometime ago and many children have entered the competition. The poster should remind everyone how to save electricity eg: turn lights off when leaving a room etc. The closing date for competition entries has been extended to Monday 27th February. Entries should be handed into the office on Monday and at the end of the day will be sent off to Brighton and Hove Council who are judging the competition. The winning entry will be professionally printed as a poster and sticker.

Dancing Year 3s

Year 3 will be performing a dance at the Dome again this year as part of the ‘Lets Dance’ event organised through Dorothy Stringer Sports College. Tickets for Year 3 parents are on sale at the office. There may be a few spare tickets on sale at the Dome Box office from 20th March.

School Association

The School Association are holding a meeting on Wednesday 1st March at 3.15pm. The meeting will take place in the Library. All welcome, children can stay and play while the meeting takes place.

A Special Donation

We received a rather interesting package a few days ago containing a school photograph of pupils and staff who attended the school in the early eighties, newspaper clippings covering the period when the school was under threat of closure and a donation of £270. The package was sent by the nephew of the late Ms Vera Fasham who was the Headteacher of Middle Street School for twelve years until 1985. Ms Fasham had a great love of teaching and of the school. Mr Colin Frost, Ms Fasham’s nephew felt that as the school had clearly given her so much pleasure during her life that he and the family nominated the school to be the recipient of any donations given by family and friends after the funeral which took place in September. I will send a Thank you card and message from all of us. We hope to spend the money on a display cabinet in which we can show our bi-centenary artefacts etc.

Brighton Bears Tickets

Brighton Bears tickets are available at the office.

Congratulations to

Ruby Smith and Sophie Walters in Year 3 who have both passed their level 6 Swimming Badge. Well done Ruby and Sophie.

Still Missing

A Year 6 child is still missing his Gameboy. It’s been missing for sometime now and was mentioned in a Friday News a few weeks back. If you do find a black Gameboy please hand it in to the office. Children are advised to hand in valuable items to the office for safe keeping.

10th February 2006

Friday, February 10th, 2006


We obviously have some talented footballers in the school. Everyone managed to get at least one ball past the keeper during our penalty shootout. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to Ben Watson, Simon McNenamy and Callum Murray from Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. We’ll let you know how much we raised after half term.

Year 5 Assembly

Well done Year 5, what a fabulous assembly and very professional too. We very much enjoyed hearing about Nonsense poems and watching their performance of Jabberwocky.

Eco Warriors

Our Eco Warriors told the school all about a competition they can enter to design a poster on saving electricity.


Thank you to all those parents who returned the questionnaire on the type of parent/carer support they would like on offer in school. Mr Ben Dew one of our Learning Mentors and is experienced in this area will run the groups and workshops. He is currently in the process of organising a programme. Ben will be in touch in the near future to inform you of what will be on offer.


All orders for photographs must be returned by 9.00am Friday 24th February. Any orders arriving after this date will incur a surcharge of £4.00.

Payments for Pyke House (Year 4) and Little Canada (Year 6)

Please bring in payments to the office. If you have not made the first payment this is urgently required as second payments are due in. Please make every effort to keep up with payments. Thank you.

Parents Evenings

Parent consultation evenings will be held after half term on Tuesday 14th March and Thursday 16th March.

Easter Holiday Dates

We break up for the Easter break on Friday 31st March and return to school on Wednesday 19th April.


As I said in the Friday News last week, lateness continues to be a problem here at Middle Street. If children arrive in class after 9.00am they are marked in the register as late. If children arrive later than 9.30am they are marked in the register as an unauthorised absence. We are legally required to mark the register in this way. We appreciate that on the odd occasion being late is unavoidable however when a child is persistently late it is not acceptable. Mrs Walker will inform you by letter if your child has 5 late marks during the course of a half term. Staff will monitor the corridors to ensure children reach the classrooms on time and are not late because they are chatting in the cloakroom.

Breakfast Club

Please make use of our Breakfast Club, which may help you save time in the mornings and avoid being late. We can provide breakfast at a low cost and an opportunity for your child to play with friends before going to class. Breakfast Club is open from 8.00am every morning. Please let the office staff know if you would like your child to join the Breakfast Club.

Job Vacancy: Cleaner

We have a vacancy for a cleaner. The job is for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week at £6.21 an hour. If you are interested in working to keep our school spik and span please ask at the office for an application form. The successful applicant will take up the post after the Easter Holidays.

Scrap Paper

Reception would love any scrap paper you may have to draw and paint on. Year 1 and Year 2 would like a donation of spare clothes you may no longer need for those little emergencies that occur.

Half Term

Enjoy the half term break. We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 20th February.

3rd February 2006

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Middle Street Eco School

We have been awarded the Eco School Bronze award for all our hard work in ensuring a sustainable lifestyle. Ms Perry has worked with our Eco Warriors to promote the importance of for example: recycling and saving energy. Well done to Oscar, Stanley, Aaron, Adhum, Josephine, Daisy and Katie from Year 6, last years Eco Warriors and to our current Eco Warriors in Year 5: Summer, Jack, Wolfie, Tanisha, Leah and Dion. Thank you, for helping us gain our Bronze Award.

Sponsored Penalty Shootout

We continue to maintain our links with Brighton and Hove Albion football club and together we are planning to raise money for the club and the school by holding a Sponsored Penalty Shootout on Thursday 9th February. All the children and staff will be having a go at ‘hitting the back of the net’! Sponsor forms will be coming home today and an explanatory letter.

Year 3 in the Blitz

Year 3 enjoyed their visit to ‘The Britain at War Experience’ museum in London on Thursday. They were able to dress up in clothes from the era, view lots of artefacts and experience the Blitz (well almost). The children also walked by the river Thames and were able to see the HMS Belfast. Ms Busby said, despite the cold they all had an excellent experience.

Yummy Pizza

Year 1 enjoyed their Pizzas at Piccolos on Wednesday. The children got lots of ideas for setting up their role play area as a Café.

Police Checks and Helping in School

As you know it is our school policy for all Parents/Carers who wish to help in school to complete a CRB (police check) form. This is a simple form filling process but it can take a while before the results are received. The clearance form is sent to the home address. When it arrives, the form must be brought into school to be photocopied and we then file it in our CRB file. If we do not have sight of the form we will not allow the Parent/Carer to help in school. If you think you may want to help in school or on a school trip but have not completed a CRB check please do so now. Forms can be collected from the office.

Foreign Language After School Club

We are hoping to offer an after school foreign language club. We will run a club for infants and a separate club for juniors. We need to know which language the children are most interested in learning. We hope to offer one of the following: French, Spanish or Mandarin. Please let the office know your child’s preference.

Science at Falmer School

A group of Year 6 children enjoyed a thrilling Science day at Falmer School exploring an interesting array of materials. They also each made a ‘Bucky Ball!
Festival Parade We will be taking part in the Children’s Festival Parade after all. More information to follow soon.


There are still lots of children who are regularly late into school in the mornings (and lots who are not). This is something that concerns our Education Welfare Officer but also concerns the class teachers. Coming in late to class can be distressing to the child and disruptive to the lesson or assembly that’s taking place. The doors open at 8.45 and the start of the school day is 9.0.clock. Children should be in class just before 9 ready for register.

Questionnaires Please

Mrs Noble says please could your return the SEAL questionnaires as soon as possible. Thank you.

Sickness Bugs

A lot of children are catching the sickness bug at the moment, Unfortunately some children are returning to school before they have fully recovered and are passing the bug on to others. You must allow 24 hours since the last bout of vomiting or diarrhoea before the child returns to school.

Lost Property

Lost property will be out today in the main playground. Please have a rummage through. It will be put out again next Friday. What’s left will be bagged up and taken to a charity shop.

Half Term

School closes at 3.05pm next Friday (10th February) and reopens again on Monday 20th February.