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27th January 2006

Friday, January 27th, 2006

Cold Weather

Could you please make sure that your children have warm clothes to wear during this cold weather. They do still go out to play during the morning and lunchtime and need to have a warm coat and hat to wear. Also, some of the shared areas are not as warm as they usually are, so please make sure your child is wearing something warm.

Penalty Shoot Out

Today in assembly the children were told about a penalty shoot out taking place in school for all the children. Details will be sent home shortly.

Year 3 visit to an Air Raid Shelter

Year 3 had a memorable visit to an air raid shelter at Whitehawk Primary School. The shelter has been set up as museum with information and artefacts. The shelter was built by the people of Whitehawk and could hold up to 500 children. They were told what it was like to spend time in a shelter and listened to the sound of an air raid.
Year 3 will be doing more work on this topic by visiting the Britain at War Experience in London next Thursday 2nd February

Drama Club

As there was not a lot of response from Year 5 and Year 6 to join the drama club it has now been opened to Year 4. The club will start on Monday 30th January from 3.00 till 4.00pm. Please let the office know if you wish to join.

School Photos

Next Friday 3rd February the school photographer will be in to take individual and family group photos.

Year 4 Cricket

Year 4 are having cricket coaching from the sports coach at Dorothy Stringer School. This is a really good opportunity for them and they are enjoying it very much.


There have been a few cases of Nits in various classes, so could you please check your child’s hair regularly. Children with long hair must have their hair tied back.
Thank you.

Half Term

School closes on Friday 10th February and reopens on Monday 20th February.

Ms Layzell

Today is the last day at Middle Street for Ms Julie Layzell as she is going on maternity leave. Her baby is due in just three weeks time. We will miss her very much and look forward to her return.

20th January 2006

Friday, January 20th, 2006

TV Stars!

Well done to Stanley, Charlie, Leili and Jem for their confident performances on CBBC Extra Xchange Programme. The children told viewers about the school’s Bi-centenary and about the research they carried out on the history of the school. The programme was broadcast last Monday at 7.30 in the morning! Mr Dyer fortunately was able to record the programme for us all to see.
Check out our website and have a go at ‘fling the teacher’ if you want to test your knowledge about the history of Middle Street and watch a video of the children being interviewed on the programme.
We will be showing highlights of the CBBC programme to the children in Monday’s assembly.

Cricket for Year 4

Year 4 enjoyed their first indoor cricket session on Tuesday morning. Dorothy Stringer Sports College provided us with a cricket coach.

Dinner Money

Mrs Walker says; please can you keep up with dinner money payments. The improvement in the school meal’s service and the hard work put in by our wonderful kitchen staff has resulted in more children choosing to have a school dinner. The dinners certainly smell and look very delicious. Lots of healthy fresh fruit and vegetables too.

Year 3 and World War 2

Whitehawk Primary School have an air raid shelter in the grounds of their school. The shelter has been set up as a museum with information and artefacts related to World War 2. Year 3, as part of their topic research on the war, are visiting the shelter next week. The opening of the shelter’s doors to class visits is to mark Holocaust Awareness Week.


Congratulations to Kali Holder in Year 1 for gaining her ASA Level 2 swimming certificate. Well done Kali.

Parents Top Tips for Learning

A reminder that the school has 30 copies of “Parents Top Tips for Learning “ on sale from the school office at £3.00 each. They are produced by Brighton & Hove ‘On Track’ Partnership for helping parents support their children with learning.

Maternity Leave

Ms Julie Layzell will be going on maternity leave from next Friday 27th January. I am sure many parents will join us in wishing her well and look forward to meeting the new baby.

Time for Dads

A group just for Dads has been set up by Sure Start and will run once a month. The group will meet at the Tarner Children’s Centre. If you are interested please call Steve on 296411 to find out more. A poster about the group can be found on our Parents notice board in the school foyer.

School Photographs

The photographer will be in school on Friday 3rd February. He will be taking individual and family group photos.

Half Term

School closes on Friday 10th February and reopens again on Monday 20th February.

13th January 2006

Friday, January 13th, 2006

Pantomime Trip

Years 1, 2 and 5 had a wonderful trip to the pantomime this week (Oh no they didn’t…Oh yes they did!) They all enjoyed the performance of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ at the Theatre Royal and behaved so well. They were a credit to us.

TV Stars

Four of our children have travelled up to London today to take part in a programme for CBBC. They will be telling people about how they researched information for the school’s bicentenary and how they presented it to others. The programme will be broadcast on the CBBC channel at 7:30 am Monday 16th January.

Spare Clothes

Mrs Noble has asked if anyone has any spare clothes for Reception. She is especially looking for trousers, t-shirts and underwear. Any out-grown clothes would be really appreciated.

Sea Life Centre Vouchers

We have very kindly been given some free vouchers for the Sea Life Centre. Each voucher enables free entry for two children to the centre when they are accompanied by one adult paying full price. The vouchers are valid until the end of March 2006. If you are interested then please see the office.

Instalments for Residential Trips

We are very lucky to be running two residential trips this year. Year 4 are being offered the opportunity to go to Pyke House and Year 6 are being given the chance to go to Little Canada on the Isle of White. In order to ease the total cost of the trips, people are able to pay in weekly or monthly instalments. If you haven’t paid the deposit for either of the trips, could you please do so as soon as possible. Could you also let us know if your child is not going on the residential trips so that we have a clear idea of numbers.

A Big Thank you

Finally, I would like to say a really big thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome during my first full week at Middle Street as Deputy Head. It has been really great getting to know the children and seeing just how hard they work as well as having fun. Thank you as well to all of the parents who have introduced themselves to me and wished me good luck. It has been a fantastic start and I am really looking forward to my future at the school.

Mr. S. Collins
Deputy Headteacher

6th January 2006

Friday, January 6th, 2006

Welcome to…

Mr Shaun Collins, our new Deputy Head. Mr Collins will also be taking over the role as Special Needs Co-ordinator. As you know Ms Layzell has been our Acting Deputy and Special Needs Co-ordinator over the Autumn term. Ms Layzell has done a fantastic job and ensured that everything ran smoothly and efficiently. I’m sure you would like to join my self and the staff in thanking her for all her hard work. Well done and Thank you, Ms Layzell!
I would also like to welcome Ms Megan Glyn-Wright who is joining the main school for one day a week to cover teachers for their non-contact time. Ms Glyn-Wright currently works in the Nursery for one day a week so many of the children already know her.

Parents Evening

Our next Parent Consultation evenings are to be held on Tuesday 14th March and Thursday 16th March. These meetings will now take place in your child’s classroom (not in the hall as in the past). We feel this offers you more privacy and an opportunity to see the class environment etc. You will also have the opportunity to view your child’s work and the teacher will discuss with you your child’s levels of achievement.
We will still have an open afternoon later in the year as usual.

Book Bags

All children should have a book bag. The book bag should be brought to school every day. Book Bags should contain books that your child is currently reading, some form of reading record (this depends on which Key Stage your child is in), homework, letters and Partnership book. Teachers will be reminding children to bring their book bags to school and into class every day. We would very much appreciate your support with reminding your child to bring the book bag to school and also with taking good care of the Book Bag.

Lost Property

Please come and check through lost property. We have so much of it at the moment. We only hold on to lost property for a short period of time and then we take it to a charity shop. We have to give it away regularly if we didn’t we would have a clothes mountain in the hall!
Ms Layzell and the ‘Bump’ Ms Layzell will be going on maternity leave at the end of this month. Her last day will be Friday 27th January. The baby is due on 22nd. February. We’ll let you know when the baby arrives.

Congratulations to…

Kali Holder in Year 1 for achieving her level 2 ASA swimming award.