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26th June 2009

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Athletics Champions

Middle Street came first in their division (one form entry schools) at the Brighton Primary schools Athletics Championships! We came 3rd overall in the jumping event. How amazing! Gold medal winners are Hamish, Jake, Louis, Lottie and Grace. The year 4 and Year 6 relay teams also won Gold. Silver medal winners are Sam, Jasmine, Ateya, Katy, and the Year 4 and Year 6 girls relay teams. Bronze medal winners are Madeleine, Hannah, Yseult, Georgia and Denise. Well done all of you and thank you for representing the school so brilliantly!

Spectacular Sports Day

Well, we had another brilliant Sports day which this year also included Reception children. It was of course a brilliant day with some stunning athletic performances by the children (and some adults I might add!). The winning team is Purple, Green came second and Red came third. Thank you to everyone who came along your support is greatly appreciated by the children. An extra special well done to the Reception children. They really enjoyed the events and taking part.

Have a great time Year 6

Year 6 along with Ms Whiting. Mr Massey, Ms Bennett and Mr Collins are off to the Isle of Wight today for the weekend. They will be having lots of adventures and fun at ‘Little Canada’.

Good Luck Year 4 Gymnasts

Ms Layzell has prepared her elite Year 4 team of Middle Street gymnasts in preparation for the Brighton and Hove Gymnastics competition held at Dorothy Stringer School. The competition took place this morning.

Tag Rugby Beach Tournament

Our Tag Rugby team are competing in a beach tournament on Tuesday 30th June.
Brazilian Football Tournament
Our Brazilian football team are taking part in a tournament on Wednesday 1st July.

African Drumming

Year 5 and Year 6 have African drumming workshops next Wednesday as part of their Learning Journey.

Brighton Pavilion Visit

Year 2 are looking forward to visiting the Brighton Pavilion on Tuesday 30th June.

Bring a Bear Bring a £1

On Friday 3rd July (next Friday) we are inviting everyone to bring a bear to school and donate £1 to Action Medical Research working to help sick babies.

Summer Fair

Our Middle Street summer fair takes place on Saturday 4th July. Lots of fun and activities for everyone!

On Time Teds

The winners this week, are: Year 2 in Key Stage 1 and Year 3 in Key Stage 2. Congratulations to both classes.

Beware in Cranbourne Street and Dukes Street

A group of parents are attempting to work with the council to improve road safety conditions in Cranbourne and Dukes Streets. Please remember that although these streets appear to be pedestrianised they are actually open to some traffic so please take care when you walk through them.

Park your bikes safely

Please park bikes against the bike racks and not against the school gates or seating. We also have a few abandoned bikes and scooters. Could the owners please collect them and take them home before the holidays. They will go to Bike heaven if they are not removed before the holidays.

Summer Holidays

We finish for the summer holidays on Wednesday 22nd July and return to school on Thursday 3rd September.

19th June 2009

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Well Done Samba Band!

Mr Brazil was very proud of the Samba Band who performed at the Family Festival last Friday. He tells me they were incredibly brilliant! Well done to all those who took part and thank you for being so brilliant!

Mr Brazil says: would you like to join him in Hove Park tomorrow (Saturday) where he will be making musical instruments out of old bicycle parts. This is part of the councils ‘Journey On’ Bike It week. You can join in the fun with Mr Brazil from midday.

Parking in Boyces Street

We appear to be having issues with parents and carers parking dangerously in Boyces Street. A local resident was verbally abused by a parent of the school on Wednesday when they were asked to move their car from the pavement which was blocking his door. I was very upset and embarrassed to hear about this and apologised to him on behalf of the school. Please do not park in Boyces Street. It is a narrow and difficult road for our children and the general public to walk down if people are parking on the pavement. Middle Street school is well respected in the local area and we do not want that to change.

Texting You

We are about to begin trialling a texting service. This service will allow us to contact you by text either on your mobile phone or voice text on your landline. The service will be used to remind you about important meetings or dates of events. We can also use it to inform you of school closures and when events or clubs are cancelled. Sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? For it to work we do need to have your up to date telephone numbers so please complete and return the attached form.

Sports Day

Sports day is next Thursday at the Withdean Stadium. You should have received a letter yesterday about the organisation of Sports day. If one didn’t arrive home please ask at the office for a copy.

Athletics Championships

A group of Key Stage 2 children will be representing Middle Street at the Brighton and Hove Primary schools athletics’ championships on Wednesday 24th June.

Gymnastics Competition

Ms Layzell has been training up her elite team of Middle Street gymnasts in preparation for the Brighton and Hove Gymnastics competition held at Dorothy Stringer School on Friday 26th June.

Little Canada

Year 6 are leaving for Little Canada next Friday. Parents and Carers should have received a letter about preparing for the trip.

On Time Teds

The winners this week, are: Years 1 and 2 in Key Stage 1 and Year 4 in Key Stage 2. Congratulations to all 3 classes.

Ed Balls

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of meeting The Secretary of State for Education Ed Balls. I was invited along with other Heads and Governors to a drinks reception to meet with him before he went on to a fund raising dinner. We had a long chat about the main current issues in education. He was very interested in the views of Head Teachers. I suggested he came along to visit Middle Street some time. May be we’ll see him during the Labour Party conference in September.

Congratulations to ..

Lily Brooke Taylor in Reception who has passed her level 2 national swimming certificate. Well done Lily!

Summer Holidays

We finish for the summer holidays on Wednesday 22nd July and return to school on Thursday 3rd September.

12th June 2009

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Tag Rugby Stars

Our Tag Rugby Team played extremely well at the South east regional finals last Wednesday, but unfortunately did not make it through to the finals at Twickenham. The standard was very high and the scores for all of the matches were very close. We came away from the competition with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses and great pride in our achievements throughout all of the tournaments that we have played in. Congratulations to everyone involved in the Tag Rugby team, children and adults alike.

Polite Request

We would like to ask parents and carers to please leave the foyer area promptly and quietly in the mornings so that we can begin our day with the children in a calm manner. Just lately there have been a few occasions when the children have been trying to walk to assembly quietly but have been disrupted by adults remaining in the foyer talking to each other. Thank you for your support in this matter as I’m sure that you can understand how important it is for us all to have as calm a start to the day as possible.

Summer Fair Meeting

Next Wednesday at 9.00 am there will be a meeting for anyone who is interested in helping to organise and be part of the running of the Summer Fair. There will be a letter coming home soon giving you full details of the Fair (including the popular Middle Street’s Got Talent competition), but we are able to start taking donations of bottle and jars (full) for the tombola now. The PTA are also looking to borrow some gazebos on the day so if anyone is able to help with this please contact the office.

Science Museum Visit

Years 3 and 4 had a fantastic time at the Science Museum this week and visited the Wallace and Gromit World of Cracking Ideas exhibition. The children enjoyed trying out lots of inventions and particularly enjoyed the bathtub slide.

African History Morning

On Tuesday Years 5 and 6 visited Brighton College for an African History day. They were split into three groups and visited three different classrooms in the beautiful building, taking part in activities on Nelson Mandela and the scramble for Africa and Ancient Egypt. They had a wonderful time and learnt a great many new and interesting things. Lunch was also fantastic apparently!

Samba Playing in the Family Festival

On Tuesday the Samba Band had a great time practicing and making their costumes in preparation for their performance at the Dome tonight as part of the Family Festival. Good luck to you all. There are still a few tickets available at the Dome box office if anyone is interested. Mr Brazil will also be taking part in the festival as part of the Big Mouth Choir so good luck to him as well.

On Time Teds

The winners this week are Year 2 in Key Stage 1 and Years 4 and 5 in Key Stage 2. Congratulations to all three classes.

More Pesky Critters

Just to let you know that we have been made aware of a couple of cases of threadworms in the school. If we all remind the children about the importance of hand washing hygiene that should be the last of them.

Congratulations to…

Sophie Board in Year 2 has been awarded her silver medal in gymnastics. Well done Sophie!

Joe Foot in Year 5 has received his 3000 metres badge in swimming. This is 120 lengths of the swimming pool and is an amazing achievement. Well done Joe!

Sports Day

Just a quick reminder that our sports day will take place at Withdean Stadium on Thursday 25th June. A letter will go out next week with full details.

5th June 2009

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Great Time at Gaveston

Year 4 returned on Wednesday from their residential trip to Gaveston Hall. They took part in lots of fun activities with children from other schools. Some of the favourite activities were the climbing wall, stream walking and making shelters in the woods.

Year 6 Safety in Action

Year 6 enjoyed a Safety in Action day with other schools at Carden Primary this week. They took part in activities with the various emergency services and other good citizen type activities.

Hunting in Pavilion Gardens

Year 2 went on a hunting expedition to the Pavilion gardens this week. They were hunting animals in their natural habitats as part of their Learning Journey.

Tag Rugby Stars

The Middle Street Tag Rugby team played brilliantly again this week in the regional finals. They are through to another round which could, once again result in them going on to play at Twickenham. Well done everyone!

Wallis and Gromit Inventions

To find out more about inventions Year 3 and Year 4 are visiting the Science museum on Monday. They will be exploring the Wallis and Gromit inventions exhibition and enjoying a show on inventions.

African History Morning

Year 5 and Year 6 are going along to Brighton College next week to take part in an African History morning.

Library Tour

Next Friday Year 4 will walk along to the Jubilee Library where they will take part in a tour of the library and find out more about libraries generally.

Road Safety

On several occasions parents and carers have reported delivery trucks obstructing pavements in Cranbourne Street and Dukes Street. Recently the situation seems to have worsened around the start and end to the school day. A lot of the activity is extremely dangerous with children’s safety being put at risk in what are actually pedestrianised roads. Benita Matofskia who is a parent and Governor of the school has been in contact with the council to complain and to discuss ways of improving the situation. Please contact Benita through the school office if you would like to get involved in making the journey to and from school safer. In the meantime please take care on the roads particularly in the areas mentioned.

Samba Playing in the Family Festival

Our fabulous Samba band has been invited to take part in the yearly Family Festival held at the Dome. The festival takes place next Friday. Mr Brazil has the details if you are interested in going along.

On Time Teds
The winners this week are Year 2 and Year 3. Congratulations to both classes.

Summer Fair

The School Association summer fair takes place this year on 4th July. More info to follow soon.

Congratulations to…

Oscar Murray in Year 2. Oscar has achieved his Karate red belt. Well done Oscar!
Ben Spooner in Year 1 has achieved his Soo Bak Do blue belt. Well done Ben!

Summer Holidays

We finish for the summer holidays on Wednesday 22nd July and return to school on Thursday 3rd September.