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24th June 2011

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Sports Day Results

The winning team this year is Purple Team! The runners up were: 2nd   Reds, 3rd Yellow and White, 4th Blue and 5th Green. In my eyes we are all winners, so well done to everyone for coming along and taking part in the rain. Great Middle Street team spirit!
Thank you to all the parents, carers and families who kindly did as requested and sat in the allocated seats for parents. I believe there were no more than 2 parents who refused to abide by that request. The support of everyone is greatly appreciated as it helps us keep all the children calm and safe during the event. Thank you to our sports day stewards, to the finishing line parent helpers, to all the staff and the biggest thank you most of all to the children for just being brilliant!

Middle Street in Bloom

You may have noticed a magical transformation in the raised flower beds leading up to the school entrance. This transformation has occurred with the help of the Gardening club and a donation of funds for plants from Gunns the florists. Paley O Connor, a parent volunteer has entered the school in the ‘City in Bloom’ competition. Judging takes place at 11am on 6th July, so keep your fingers crossed.

Book Fair News

Our book fair last week made £620! We receive a 100% commission in books for the school so thank you everyone for your support and for buying so many books.

Teachers and Classes

Here’s some exciting news! Who is teaching in what year group next academic year, the arrangements are as follows: Nursery: Ms Glyn Wright and Mrs.  Denyer, Reception: Ms Mason Gotel, Year 1: Ms Howell, Year 2 Ms Busby, Year 3: Ms Moriarty, Year 4 Ms Bryant, Year 5: Mr Brazil and Ms Silkowski and in Year 6: Mr Smart. You will receive more detailed information including teaching assistant s etc in with the reports envelope in a few weeks

Strike Day

You should have received a text and a letter by now informing you of the school closure on 30th June due to strike action.

On Time Teds

The winners this week are in the Infants; Year 2 with 0 late

marks and in the Juniors

 year 4 with 1  late mark. Well done to both classes for being so punctual!

Nursery Cake Sale

Nursery are holding a cake sale on Friday 8th July at 3.15. All donations of cakes gratefully received and please deliver on the day. There will also be a raffle, donations for this will also be gratefully received. 

Dates to Remember

Performing Arts Day

There will be performances all day and parents and carers are welcome to come in and watch their child’s performance and other classes too if they wish. A programme of events will arrive home soon.

Meet the Teacher

Children meet their new teacher on Friday 15th July

Open Afternoon

Thursday 14th July at 2.00.

Year 6 Leavers Assembly: Wednesday 20th July at 1.30.

Secondary School’s Enquiries on becoming an Academy

You may be aware that Varndean secondary school has expressed an interest in becoming an academy. If you would like to find out more on this current issue please have a chat with Vanessa McGeachin in school or pick up an information sheet at the school office.

Congratulations to…

Robyn in Year 2 who came 1st in her Brighton and Hove Gymnastics annual competition. Well done Robyn!


Rufus in Year 1 has lost his cuddly toy tiger. If you find him please return to Rufus or to the school office

Emmiline has lost her violin book last seen in the Family room. Please check if you have picked it by mistake. If found please return to the school office.

Summer Holidays

We finish for the summer holidays on Thursday 21st July

and return to the new school year on Tuesday 6th September. Nursery children return on Monday 12th September.

10th June 2011

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Welcome back and here we are at the beginning of the last half term for this academic year. I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. There are lots of lovely events coming up for you to enjoy and if the sun shines too it’s going to be a great few weeks.

Book Week

Book week begins next week on Monday 13th June. Throughout the week there will be lots of book related activities, authors and illustrators, workshops and storytelling. On Tuesday there’s a book character dressing up day for us all. Dressing up is something we are all very good at here at Middle Street! There will also be a book fair with books on sale. The book fair helps raise funds for the school as we receive commission on the sale of books.

 Reception Healthy Eating

Reception are looking forward to their being healthy workshops on Monday. They will have a PE session led by a representative of Brighton and Hove Albion and fruity smoothies made by the a volunteer team from Amex

Year 5 Dance Practice

Year 5 spent this morning practicing their dance for the Family Festival. They joined Aldrington Primary school in Hove for the practice session.

Greenwich Trip

Reception will return later this afternoon after an informative and fun Learning Journey trip to the Greenwich Maritime museum.

Gaveston Hall Residential

Year 4, and accompanying staff had a fabulous time at their residential trip this week. They experienced a wide range of outdoor activities and spent 2 nights at the hall.

Middle Street attended with another 3 schools. So they had the chance to meet their peers from other local schools.

The trip is arranged through the city centre partnership group of 10 schools which Middle Street is a member of. Our special thanks go to Mrs Du Pre the Head of St Pauls Primary who organises the activities and oversees the whole trip.

The Royal Pavilion Year 1 & 2 Visit

Year 1 and Year 2 are off to visit the Royal Pavilion as part of their Learning Journey work. They will be exploring and finding out the history of the Royal Pavilion on Thursday 16th June.

Scooters and Bikes Update

On Wednesday lunchtime you may have spotted Ms Moriarty, Mrs Jones, Mr Smart and Ms Bryant (who at the time was in fancy dress as the Queen of Hearts, slightly surreal!) and I walking determinedly down North Street. We were on a quest to challenge 2 lads who we recognised as 2 of a larger group of ‘scooter thieves’. You will be pleased to know they were confronted, one ran off but the other confessed and passed on names of others involved. The Police arrived and the matter was dealt with by them. Hopefully we will no longer have any further problems. In case we do though you can now request from the office a special scooter rack attachment. For a £1 deposit you can use the attachment to secure the scooter to the rack. All you have to do is purchase a pad lock to use with the attachment. We are also having another scooter rack added in the next couple of weeks. 

Little Canada

Year 6 are looking forward to their trip ‘abroad’ to Little Canada on the Isle of Wight. They leave on Friday 24th June for a long weekend.

On Time Teds

The winners this week are in the Infants; Year 1 with 2 late

marks and in the Juniors

 year 6 with 1  late mark. Well done to both classes for being so punctual!

Dates to Remember

Sports Day:

Sports day takes place this year on Friday 17th June. The event takes place at the Withdean Stadium and starts at 9.00 and ends at lunchtime. Children are free to go home at the end of the event.

Open Afternoon

Thursday 14th July at 2.00.

Year 6 Leavers Assembly: Wednesday 20th July at 1.30.

Full Governors Meeting

The governing body’s summer term meeting takes place on Thursday 16th June

Summer Holidays

We finish for the summer holidays on Thursday 21st July.

KS2 Gymnastics Club

There are still places available for KS2 gymnastics club starting on Monday 13th June for the next 4 weeks costing £2.00 per week. If your child would like to take part please call in at the office.