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25th November 2005

Friday, November 25th, 2005

Henry the VIII AND Year 4

We enjoyed a wonderful assembly by Year 4 today. Everyone played their part brilliantly. Many children have commented to me today to say how much they enjoyed the performance.

Middle Street Football Team

Middle Street football team came first in a mini, friendly tournament against St Mary Magdalen Primary School. Well done to our excellent and enthusiastic footballers!

Christmas Concert

We have a wonderful Middle Street choir who will be singing at the Brighton Schools Christmas Concert on December 5th.
Tickets for the Christmas Concert are on sale at the Brighton Centre box office.

Christmas Performances

Our Christmas performances will be taking place this year on the following dates: Afternoon performance: Thursday 8th December
Morning Performance: Friday 9th December. More information to follow soon.

Travel Plan

You may remember filling in a travel survey questionnaire some time ago. We have had the results back which clearly indicates that a lot of you walk or cycle to school (well done!). The results also show how disgusted we all are at the state of Middle and Boyces Street and the need for cleaner pavements. This information has been passed on to the council. The school will now be able to put together a bid for funding. We hope to use the funding to build a shelter to keep you dry when waiting at the end of the day, to provide cycle proficiency training, road safety training and possibly a bike shelter for those who cycle. Obviously none of this will happen immediately but I will keep you updated on progress.

Year 6 Buddies

We have some very good Buddies this year. Our Buddies are recruited from Year 6 and are then trained to support children on the playground at play and lunchtimes. Our team of Buddies have decided to design their own special playtime certificates to hand out to children. Well done Buddies for doing such an excellent job and for using your initiative.


Mrs Denyer and Ms Whiting would like to remind parents and carers of children in Years 1 and 2 to bring children into school via the outside doors to the classrooms and not to enter through the shared work areas. Many children are working in these areas at the beginning of the day and are disturbed when parents come through that way. Thankyou.


Please remember to send your child to school with warm clothing. They need a coat (thick cardigans and jumpers are not warm enough) for playtimes. Many children are not bringing coats to school at the moment and are consequently getting very cold. Hats, scarfs and gloves are also a good idea.


Just to make you aware we have a few children who have recently gone down with Mumps.

Congratulations to …..

Mia Ebdon in Year 4. She has achieved the standard grade 9 Kyu in the art of Genbukan NimpoTaijutsu. Mia has also achieved her 100 m swimming badge. Very well done Mia.
Inez Ebdon has achieved the standard grade 9 Kyu in the art of Genbukan NimpoTaijutsu. Inez has achieved her 20 m swimming badge. Very well done to Inez, too.

School Association Meeting

Please come along to our School Association meeting on 1st December at 3.00. The School Association will be discussing dates and plans for future fund raising events. All welcome.

Charity Christmas Concert

at St Pauls Church West Street on Wednesday 21st December at 6pm. Several Middle Street parents are working together to help support the family of Sascha Skinner who formally attended Middle Street Nursery. Sascha suffers from Late Infantile Batten Disease. The parents are putting on a festival of carols, performance, storytelling and seasonal readings. There will be scrummy festive food to enjoy after the event. Children are warmly welcome. Look out for flyers being handed out in the playground soon. If you are able to help please contact Michelle on 690793 or Nikki and Brett on 206546

Christmas Holidays

Last day of school is Friday 16th December return on Wednesday 4th January

18th November 2005

Friday, November 18th, 2005

Bert Williams and the Black History of Brighton and Hove

Bert spent the day with us yesterday. After taking Key Stage 2 assembly he visited each class to share with them his fascinating stories. Children heard about the use of the Royal Pavilion as a hospital for Indian soldiers during the First World War. We also heard about Sake Dean Mohamed who introduced shampoo and soap to the (rich) residents of Brighton. The younger children heard all about Mary Seacole. Year 2 were eager to tell Bert what they knew about Mary Seacole as they have studied Mary Seacole as one of their topics. Bert also gave the children a piece of sugar cane to try whilst explaining how sugar is produced. Bert is a great story teller and we all really enjoyed his visit.

Year 6 History Walk

Year 6 have been finding out about the history of Brighton. So far they have compared photos of Brighton past and present. To help them with their studies they went on a walk around Brighton. A guide from the Museum accompanied Year 6 on the walk. The guide told them lots of historical facts about Brighton and one or two ghost stories.

Jean Ure at Borders Books

Year 5 and Year 6 spent the afternoon at Borders Books on Thursday listening to the author Jean Ure talk about her books and her passion for writing. The children asked her lots of questions and it certainly sounded like we have one or two children interested in becoming an author.

Year 4 Visit

Year 4 enjoyed their visit to the Booth Museum in Hove and have found out everything they need to know about bones and growing.

Learning Mentor

Mr Ben Dew our additional Learning Mentor, starts work with us this coming Monday. He will be working closely with our Learning Mentor Mr Tim Owers providing support and guidance to children in school.

Year 3 Indian Drumming Workshop

Year 3 are looking forward to their Indian drumming workshop on Monday.

Lost Game Boy

A Year 6 boy is feeling very sad this week. On Tuesday during Football Club he left his Game Boy on a piece of apparatus while he played football. When the club finished his Game boy had disappeared. Someone may have picked it up by mistake or found it on the floor somewhere. If anyone has found a Black, square GameBoy with a game in it (Advanced Wars 2) please return it to the office.

Christmas Dinner Forms

Mrs Walker says if you haven’t already done so, please can you return your child’s Christmas dinner form. Thankyou

Governors Shelf

If you wish to read through the minutes of Governors meetings you are very welcome to do so. The minutes are stored in a file and kept on our Governors shelf in the meeting room. Mrs Brill will point you in the right direction if you are not sure where to look.


We’re very sorry if you received your Friday News later than usual last week. Our photocopier was having a temper tantrum (as it does often) and refused to print enough copies for everyone!

11th November 2005

Friday, November 11th, 2005

Year 5 and 6 Art Week

Oh what a wonderful messy time the children in years 5 and 6 have had this week. They have been constructing models linked to the fairy story, The Tinderbox using Modroc. Ms Moriarty and Ms McNally have been working alongside members of Same Sky (who also organise the children’s parade in the Brighton festival). The children have produced some fantastic models which, when complete will be on display at the Gardner Centre for all to see. Well done Year 5 and Year 6.

New Deputy Head

Mr Shaun Collins spent the day with us last Friday. He managed to visit all classes and met the children and staff. He had a very enjoyable day remarking on how calm and polite the children are. He felt the school had a wonderful positive atmosphere and is looking forward to joining us in January. Mr Collins will be visiting us again, for the day on Monday 28th November.

Christmas Choir

Our Christmas Choir had their first meeting on Wednesday. They are preparing for the Brighton Primary Schools Christmas Concert, which takes place in the evening of Monday 5th December at 7.00pm. Tickets are available from the Brighton Centre box office. You will receive more information shortly.

Booth Museum Visit

Year 4 are visiting the Booth Museum in Hove on Wednesday. They will be finding out about bones as part of their topic work on moving and growing.

Visit to Borders Books

Year 5 and 6 have been invited to Borders Books on Thursday to meet with Jean Ure the author. She will be talking about the writing process, reading from her books and signing copies of her books.

Black History Day

Mr Bert Williams will be spending the day with us on Thursday. Bert will run workshops throughout the day covering the black history of Brighton and Hove.

Middle Street Football Team

Our fabulous and very talented football team will be playing on Wednesday 23rd November at St Mary Magdalen primary school The team have another match at St Pauls primary school date to be announced. The team are training hard and developing some excellent ball skills.

Congratulations….. Archie Goldsmith in Year 3 who has achieved a certificate of merit in the art of Wado Ryu Karate. Archie has achieved the 9th Kyu grade. Well done Archie.

No Drama Club

Ms Burbridge says sorry but there will be no drama club on Monday 14th November after school.

School Dinner Price Increase

The cost of a school dinner has gone up to £1.50. The Christmas dinner has also been increased to this amount. Mrs Walker says, if you have already paid for a Christmas dinner please check you have paid the new amount of £1.50. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

Remembrance Day

The children and staff held a 2 minute silence today at 11.00. We listened out for the Royal British Legion sounding the maroon.

4th November 2005

Friday, November 4th, 2005

Black History Workshops

Bert Williams is coming in on Thursday 17th November for the day to run workshops. Bert will work with all classes through out the day sharing his amazing knowledge of the Brighton’ and Hove’s black history. He is an excellent storyteller and has a head full of interesting facts about famous black people with links to Brighton and much more.

Year 6 visit

Year 6 enjoyed their visit to Frog Firle Farm on Tuesday. They did pond dipping and looked at natural habitats among other activities.

Year 1 visit

Year 1 visited the Post Office on Wednesday as part of their topic work. They found out about the work the post office does and had a good look round. They had lots of fun and learnt a lot.

Year 4 Visit

Pizza Express was Year 4’s destination on Thursday morning. They enjoyed finding out how pizzas are made and having a taste of a pizza or two.
What a busy week for visits!

Free Christmas Party

On Sunday 11th December there is a free Christmas Party for children aged 5 – 11. The party is organised by the unemployed centre and is for children whose parents are currently unemployed or unwaged. The party will be held at the Brighton Unemployed Centre in Tilbury Place. Please call 671213 for more information and to book a place.

SEN Questionnaires

If you have received one of these questionnaires please could you return it to the office as soon as possible.

Independent Infants

Please could you encourage children to come into school independently in the mornings. It does wonders for their confidence and helps to avoid a chaotic start to the day with lots of grown ups in the classroom. If you have a message for the teacher please write a note or come to the office and the office staff will pass on the message on your behalf.


It’s a popular time for Headlice at the moment. The little beasties are busy in most classes and are growing bigger by the second. So please check your child’s hair on a regular basis.
If your child has long hair they need to have it tied up. This helps to avoid catching the beasties and sharing them with others.
Please could I also remind you for health and safety reasons children should not wear jewellery of any sort. Ear studs are the exception to the rule to avoid pierced ears closing up.

Violin Lessons

Sorry but there will be no violin lessons this Tuesday (8th November)

School Dinners

Children who have a school dinner will be enjoying the new and improved menu from Monday. Fresh vegetables and much less processed food will mean the meals will be much healthier and tastier. We hope more children will try our school dinners.