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17th March 2006

Friday, March 17th, 2006

Year 2 Assembly

We all enjoyed Year 2’s Assembly telling the story of the Gruffalo. They told the story with such enthusiasm and joy. Thank you Year 2 for such a wonderful performance and a great start to the day!

Katie Whiting’s Trip to Uganda

Ms Whiting will be spending her Easter holidays in Uganda undertaking voluntary work caring for abandoned and orphaned babies. Ms Whiting is raising funds via a sponsored silence with Year 2 and collecting donations of goods to take with her. She has sent home a separate letter to you listing donations she would like to take with her.

Parents Evening

Thank you to all of you who completed a feedback form on our new style Parent/carers evenings. The new format was a great success! Parents/Carers and Teachers all enjoyed the evening. Using the classrooms as a meeting venue meant the meetings were more private and comfortable. Lots of you enjoyed the opportunity to look through your child’s work and see just what they get up to at school all day

After School Language Classes

You were recently asked in a past Friday News if you were interested in an after school language club. The most popular language seems to be French. If we were to offer a French language club it would be at a cost of £40 for five weeks. The price includes a very useful CD to be used at home to help your child practice the language. If you are still interested in your child joining the club and happy with the cost please let the office know as soon as possible.

Meditating Year 6

Year 6 returned from the Buddhist Centre looking very serene and at one with the world. They enjoyed a session on meditation and have found out lots of interesting facts on the Buddhist faith. Ms McNally and Mr Collins said the class were a real credit to the school and their parents.

Year 1’s Visit to St Pauls Church

Year 1 went along to St Pauls church in West Street. They had a wonderful experience looking at the stained glass windows and paintings as well as listening to stories and facts about the history of the church. The children were taken round by the Church Warden.

Easter Raffle

Please bring donations of Easter Eggs to the office. Raffle tickets will be on sale from next week at 25pence each or 5 for a £1.

Easter Hat Competition

Everyone is welcome to enter the competition, which will take place on the 30th March at the Easter Afternoon Tea. There will of course be prizes for the most original designs.

Sponsor Money Total

We have counted all the sponsor money from our Penalty Shoot-out
We have collected the grand total of £708. We share the money equally with Brighton and Hove Albion who organised the event for us. Well done to all the children and staff who scored!

Maths Week

Next week is Maths week in school. Each class will be exploring and investigating mathematical problems and number activities.

Congratulations to..

Ariel Matsui-Le Roy in Year 3 achieved third place KATA (set form) in his age group in the SAMA Karate Competition on Sunday 12th March. Well done Ariel!

Easter Break

We finish for the Easter break on Friday 31st March and return to school on Wednesday 19th April.