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2nd May 2014

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

May Day Fun

The Brighton Morris Dancers along with the Cuckoo Nest dancers joined us yesterday to celebrate May Day. They arrived with bells jangling and danced and sang for us all. As always it was brilliant and we had great fun especially those children who were taught a dance and performed it for us sticks and all!

Super Star DJ

Nick Hollywood a DJ who specialises in 1950s music brought his record collection along for a session with years 5 and 6 last Monday. The children found out about old fashioned vinyl records and how they were made, they listened to music and had a little jive too.

Victorian Classroom

Years 3 and 4 experienced life as a Victorian school child this week. They found out how strict and formal school life was during that time. Luckily they all avoided (only just) having the cane!

Children’s Parade

The children’s festival parade takes place tomorrow. This is an extra special event for us as we are joined by children from Downs Park school. We are as you know ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Please turn over for some easy  dressing up ideas. Our meeting point on the day is Pelham Street and our flag number is 42. The samba band should arrive at 10.00, everyone else should gather at 10.15. If you are joining us then please dress up (including adults) to ensure we look as  amazing as possible! There will be lots of music not just from the Samba band but also music created using Ipads blue toothed to speakers. How exciting! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning.

Girls Football Tournament

The Middle Street girls football team are playing at  Carden Primary school this afternoon. Good luck girls!

Rugby World Cup Countdown

Our tag rugby team are taking part in the countdown to the Rugby World Cup which takes place next year at the Amex Stadium. Brighton hosting the Rugby World Cup  is very exciting and we are delighted that our Tag rugby team will help launch the countdown to this world event. Our team will be up at the Amex stadium for activities and a photo shoot next Tuesday.

Friday Morning Sing-a-long

Do come along and join us on a Friday morning in the hall for a sing-a-long. Mr Brazil and I are there with songs to sing from 8.35 till 8.45. We have a few parents and children who regularly join us but we would love more of you to come along. You don’t need to have any singing skills to join us. It’s all just for fun and of course it’s very good for you releasing all those lovely endorphins into your body!

On-Time Teds

This week’s Key Stage 1 winners are Year 1 and in Key Stage 2 the winners are Year 5. Well done to both classes for being on time for school!

Web Designer?

Do you have the expertise to help us design a new Middle Street website? Do you know anyone who can help? Please let us know if you can or know of someone who can.

School Nurse Drop In

Our school nurse; Sarah will be running drop in sessions on Friday 9th May from 8.30. If you have any little niggling issue like head lice, bed wetting etc you would like to discuss just ‘drop in’ on the day. The school nurse can advise you on a variety of health and wellbeing issues so do make use of the drop in session on offer.


On Tuesday Lolly from year 4 left her jumper in the main playground. Her jumper was in a pile with other jumpers. Lolly’s jumper has disappeared. The jumper is grey with a hood and no pockets. It has a picture of a Moshi monster on the front and the words; ‘MOSHI MOSHI MOSHI’. Lolly tells me this is her favourite jumper and it has her name inside I believe. Please check your clothing at home if you come across the jumper please return to the school office or to Lolly.

The school is closed for Polling Day on Thursday 22nd May. The day will become a staff training day replacing one planned before Easter.

Half Term Break

We finish for the half term break on Friday 23rd May and return to school on Monday 2nd June.

Summer Holidays

The last day of term is Wednesday 23rd July.